I made a decision this morning that I was going to start the week off on a positive note. I wasn't going to think of this as another stinking Monday . Instead I would look at this as a beginning of a new wonderful chapter in my life. I started getting the Monday eve blues yesterday one of those I hate my life moments  aka as a blue funk. I was soon rescued by one of my good friends and cake vodka that led to some serious convo on the patio. LOL. But seriously my friend said something so simple that I woke up today still thinking about.. " It always works out"  When I have went through difficult moments in life in the end it always works out.  So instead of stressing about things that I can't change.. I am going to go with the mindset I am going to Let go and Let God handle this.
My look today is sleek and simple look for Monday. On Monday I am kind of slow motion so I browse me closet for something that catches my fancy. In this case it was this floral top from one of favs Jcpenney .  I paired this with my Elle Maxi skirt from Kohl's and my Monday look was born. What are you wearing on this Marvelous Monday?
Make it a Great week because as my beautiful friend says " It always works out in the end"
Top -Worthington Jcpenney's $18
Skirt - Elle Maxi Skirt - Kohl's $20
Shoes - NY and Company $12
Necklace - Kohl's Apt 9 old

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