I just love shopping and the dressing room experience is my favorite part. I know many would disagree but I feel like it's my opportunity to try new things and be pleasantly surprised. I feel like the "Dressing Room " is my Oyster and I may just find a pearl.. LOL ! I know corny but that's so me a Cornball !  So for you ladies that hate the dressing room I am bringing it to you from the comfort of your computer.. :) 

I wanted to share my dressing room favorites this week from of my favorite stores +Kohl's .  I am focusing on Dresses and a few skirts because as you know this girl loves her some dresses ! 

Kohl's is perfect for the Fashionista on a budget like myself . The coupons ,the Early and Late bird deals and Kohl's cash make for some pretty amazing deals !  

Let's talk about my favorites at Kohl's right now !

                                                        Patterned Midi's 

I just love a midi dress they are classy and feminine. I thought these dresses were perfect for the office , church or a wedding. So they all can be used for that functional summer dress for almost any occasion.  All three of these ran pretty true to size just FYI 

    Lauren Conrad striped -(here)          Floral Elle - (here)                  Elle Pink Dot - in store 

                                                            Floral Fun 

It is certainly a must for me to have floral dress for warmer temps or should I say several . As you can see from the last floral that this girl has a serious problem making up her mind.  This is just few of fabulous floral choices at +Kohl's  right now . I liked all three of these but my favorite would be the center Candies dress. I feel like it 's pretty but a little bit of sexy perfect for that summer date night.  The third dress  the JLO dress was beautiful in color but I don't think it was that flattering on this pear shape but maybe with the help of a belt I could pull it off. 

      Simply Vera (here)                          Candies -(here)                          Jennifer Lopez -(here)

                                                           Striped Skirts 

I just think stripes make everything more interesting and when they are strategically placed they can kind of contour your body . I feel that Kohl's got the memo on that with this little skirt. This skirt is perfect to just throw on with a tank top and still look fashionable and put together . I need easy and effortless pieces it just makes my life a little bit easier 

              Multi Color skirt (here)                                         Black and White skirt (here)

                                                        Chambray Dress

The classic look of denim is one of my favorites and I love the lighter chambray in the warmer months.  This dresses possesses all the elements I love in a casual cute dress .  First of all it's A-line and ladies you know that A- line is almost every girls friend.  I love the length I don't feel I am in danger of giving anyone a peep show and lastly I love the little open back area that still allows you to wear a bra and at this point of my life that is a must ! This dress runs a little big I actually went a size down when I tried this on.    So you need to say yes to this dress.. I'm just saying :) 

                                                               LC Lauren Conrad dress (here)


        How about you lovely ladies do you enjoy trying on clothes when you go out shopping? Where do you like to shop for those fabulous summer dresses that are friendly to your purse ? Comment below I would love to know . 

    Thank you for taking time out your day to visit little ole me! It's always a pleasure and tune in next week for another virtual dressing room experience.  Have a great week and stay frugal and fabulous .. LOL :) 


                                                        XOXO -Mary aka Curlybyrdie