I am so excited to dish about my finds for the week in my first segmant of " Sunday Scores" If u missed my post from Friday . Sunday scores highlights some awesome deals that I recently run across. It may be fashion for myself or my kiddies or it could be anything and I would love if would share your Scores in comments because a deal is even sweeter when u brag about it!

My 1st score I came across was at Meijer. Meijer now carries Jessica Simpson. I first saw these cute little clutches and they were $25 now I am thinking I am not paying $25 for a clutch from Meijer so I waited and ended up running across this babies for $6. So it was time to make these mine!

The 2nd score I came across was this cute little dress from Carson's.  I happened to be in the store just browsing and ran across this dress that was marked down to $50.99 from $69.00 when I had them scan it the price ended up being $9.97 . Now that is why I always scan. U could end up with a pleasant surprise.  I have on many occasions.  Did you guys have any big scores u would like to dish about?