Saturday, February 6, 2016

Our January " You Go Girl"

I can honestly say that 2016 has really started out quite fabulous . I can't begin to convey the excitement I feel about the " You Go Girl " project.  What started out as a chance meeting with the talented photographer Casey Brothers of Le Petite studios has turned into a beyond wonderful experience.

The " You Go Girl " project is awarding 12 women who have been through  or currently going through some sort of adversity in their life .  We were honored that Women's Health Advantage one of the largest providers of women's health care in Northeast Indiana shared our belief in this project and signed up to be our main sponsor which is such a blessing to our cause. We want to grant these women with a day to feel glamorous with a new wardrobe, hair and makeup , a pampering session finishing off with model like photo shoot so she can see the beauty within .

 I have the pleasure of getting to know a pretty awesome woman through our " You Go Girl " project .   Her name is Denise Hancz Barron our January " You Go Girl " . She is not only beautiful on the outside but her soul and spirit are just as gorgeous.  Denise was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer not quite a year ago . She went through countless surgeries and overcame obstacles that many thought were impossible . But it was here faith and sheer determination that really made the difference  .   When getting this project moving with Casey and now Lori at Women's Health Advantage I knew that I wanted to make a difference in these women's lives but I didn't understand what a difference they would make in mine.  I have been inspired by this wonderful woman's will to survive , her strength and her loving heart and I think Denise is the perfect January "You Go Girl "

                                                                Beautiful Denise - January "You Go Girl"


Denise is a true inspiration to me and I am so honored to now call her my friend!   If you know a lady that has been through some sort of adversity that you feel deserves to treated to a day of full out glamour you can nominate or donate at 
Photo credit - Casey Brothers Le Petite Studios
Makeup and Hair -Merle Norman Luxe
Wardrobe- Styled by Curlybyrdie
Fitnesss Package - The Fitness Studios
And special thanks to our supporters who donated to our Go Fund Me Page !
More about our project on 21 alive (here)

                                               As always I want to thank you for stopping by!
       XOXO - Mary aka Curlybyrdie

Sunday, January 31, 2016

All about Hearts and Love

Some would call February the month of love because of Valentines day . We all get so caught up in the roses , candy and gifts . All those things are very pretty and fun to receive but I think it is the perfect time to love on yourself a little more. Why not begin by writing letter to yourself listing all things that you think are pretty  darn amazing about YOU .  Or perhaps taking a Saturday morning and to sleep in a little longer enjoy that coffee while staying bed and watching a marathon of your favorite shows. That would be a Sex in the City marathon in my case.. with some Dunkin Donuts coffee ... just sayin!

Love begins entirely with the way that you love the most important person in you life that would be YOU

                        "To love oneself is the beginning of a life-long romance”
                                                                                                      – Oscar Wilde

Taking care of your of health is such a huge part of loving on you.  February 5 is National Go Red Day !  Heart disease is the No.1 killer of women ,causing 1 out of 3 deaths every year. You can support GO Red by participating in National Wear Red day on Feb 5 .  As women we have to recognize the symptoms and know our risks here.  It is important that you schedule your Well Woman Visit  an annual checkup that spot the early signs of heart disease. There is such a presence of this disease in my family that you can believe that I will have my Red on this coming Friday .

Red Dress - Sim (here)
Shoes - Forever 21 (here) such a steel these were and comfy!

photo cred Curt Henderson (here)

                 How are you planning on showing yourself love this month?I want to thank you for              taking time out of your day and stopping by it's always appreciated.

                                                 XOXO - Mary aka Curlybyrdie!

Friday, January 22, 2016

Glamour Girl

In my over 2 years of blogging I have take a lot of photos but my experience at Le Petite studios was something very new it was a full fledged glam session and if you know me than you know I am all about that life.  Who doesn't want to feel like BeyoncĂ© once in while ? LOL.  The studio is amazing so charming and chic and the photographer Casey Brothers makes you feel comfortable the moment you walk in the door.

I started out with hair and makeup by the gorgeous Gina who is also the creator of blog Pretty Phases or check her out on her You Tube channel here.  She did a fantastic job on a girl who normally doesn't wear makeup . I think this beauty convinced me that I should more often.

  Not only was this a photo shoot it was a total glam experience and don't we as women want to feel
glamorous . We take care of everyone all the time sometimes you just have to celebrate yourself and release that inner J-LO , BeyoncĂ©  or Kate Upton ..Lol.



                      My Absolute favorite a J- LO moment! Who says 43 can't be fabulous

If you are interested in a Glam experience than check out the facebook page here for a special . I promise you it will be an awesome experience.
As always I want to thank you for taking out time to stop by and visit !
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XOXO - Mary aka Curlybyrdie

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Casually Pink - Look #3

There is something about the pink and black combo that I just love . The softness of the pink mixed with chicness of black make it a great meeting of two dimensions.  I loved mixing it up in my final look using these amazing pink pieces.  

In this look I went for a more casual vibe something that you can take from lunch to the movies
or maybe a shopping day with the girls.  I love laying because I feel like you have everything you need for any givin situation. I decided to use a polka top that I had from a 2 pc outfit and put a button down with smaller dots to create a casually chic look. 

My Look
Jacket - Forever 21 (here)
Shoes - Kohl's (sim)
Shirt - Apt 9 Kohl's (here)
Bag - Carson's (sim)

Well this is my last look with these Pink pumps and Gorgeous jacket ! Which one did you like the best?  I am kind of torn .. I love the floral but there is something about black and pink..

I hope you have a having a wonderful weekend and thanks for taking time out your day to visit!

                                    XOXO - Mary aka Curlybyrdie

Friday, January 8, 2016

In Bloom - Look 2

I am such a girly girl.. always have been you can ask Frances ( my mama) Lol.  Now there is nothing that says girly quite like the color pink or flowers and this look happily contains both.  I thought this pink jacket and shoes in different shades just gives this look just the pop it needed . As my style changes I find myself gravitating towards the pieces that can give an outfit an added dimension to make it a little more fabulous . I was very excited about look 2 with these pink pumps and jacket! In case you missed Look 1 you can see it (here)

                                            " I am definitely a woman and I enjoy it "
                                                       Marilyn Monroe
This look reminds me of something that Michelle Obama would wear but at a much lower price tag. I just love her chic , classic style and how she adds key pieces such as a on interesting belt or jewelry to give her a look on trend look ! 

             How about you fashionistas ? How do you like added a little pop to your look?
                                 Happy Friday and thank you for stopping by !
                                                  Mary aka Curlybyrdie XOXO

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Just Call me Pinkie - Part 1

In case you didn't read my last post I wanted to let you in some information. Curlybyrdie has put her self on a shopping budget .. I can only spend $50 a month on clothes . Since that revalation I am constantly looking for ways to get more use out of items that I have in my closet and items that I am thinking about purchasing . I am starting to lean towards the sleeker simple items that I can build upon.  So I started with a fabulous LBD and created a sophisticated look .

When ran across these bright pink Jessica Simpson shoes on Carson's website and they were marked down to about $25 and I am totally smitten with these perfect pink pumps shoes and they are comfortable as far as heals are concerned. I also the same week I found this pink jacket at Forever 21 and I couldn't wait to style these perfect pink pieces of heaven together . Wow that's a tongue twister.. Perfect Pink Pumps.. say that fast about 10 times...LOL 

 I came up with 3 different looks and I am confident that I could come up with even more highlighting these pieces. . So Fashionista's the color pink is taking center stage on this post and I love it!

I will start out with a look that would be a perfect date night look. I use this super chic dress that I got from Forever 21 also for the magical price of $9 .. Ummm yes please I will take it !

My Look
Pumps - sim - $25 (what I paid )
Jacket - (here) - $15 (in store )
Dress - (sim) - $9 ( my dress is out of stock)
Necklace - Christmas gift from my Aunt and Uncle
Purse - Jessica Simpson via Meijer $6

Mirror Mirror on the wall .. I am not a Kardashian after all ~LOL

Well this is my first look featuring this pink jacket and these sweet pumps. I can't wait to show you how else I styled these !

As always I want to think you for visiting my blog and I am looking forward to what's ahead of us in 2016 .
Photo Credit - Kim Bailey of KB Photo

                                               Much Love .. Mary aka Curlybyrdie

Monday, January 4, 2016

2015 Beyond the Clothes

As I look back at the past year I can hardly believe that this was actually my life!  I can remember in January when my stepfather passed away and my family was grieving I can remember saying that I was going to make something good come out of this year and I think that maybe I spoke that into existence. 

The whole collaboration with Jcpenney's is what really kicked off this year of wonderful experiences . It was that experience that proved to me that no matter what size , what age or your the size of your bank account no one can stop you from dreaming or achieving.  I never in million years would have thought that I would be in NYC ( which BTW I had never been ) or doing a photo shoot in a well known photo studio. I never would have thought that it would have been an option for this 40 something single mother of 2 but it happened .  This was the confidence builder that I needed and let me know that someone cared about what I was doing !

Jcpenney 2015 Spring Campaign

I feel that this was just the beginning as far as opportunities were concerned . It opened many doors and most importantly it put a belief in myself that I had never experienced before and for that I am most thankful .  Please see some great moments in 2015

                                                       Women's Empowerment Event - Indianapolis

                                                      Featured on Fashion Bomb Daily (here)

Featured on Fabulous After 40 (here)
                                      There were some features and Collaborations!

                                       Curlybyrdie was in the News ! (here) and (here)

                And then there was that one day I was retweeted by my all time favorite style Icon J-LO!

And last but certainly not least there is this project called " I Choose to Be 2016" were I have teamed up with this talented photographer Casey Brothers from Le Petite Studios and other local businesses right here in Fort Wayne , Indiana . We are selecting 12 deserving women that have faced some sort of adversity in their life a complete makeover and photo shoot.   See video below

I would like to introduce you to Denise Hancz- Barron our January woman . She is an amazing woman " A Survivor " Please see her story at link below and you will also have the opportunity to donate for this awesome cause .

Meet Denise

I would like to thank you anyone who has ever visited my blog. I want you to know it is greatly appreciated . I can certainly say that 2015 started off devastating for my family with this loss of Dave my Stepfather but I think perhaps that grief forced me to look at life a little different . It showed me that tomorrow is not promised .. Don't live in fear .. Live and out Loud.