Thursday, September 11, 2014

Falling Into Animal Print

There is definitely no denying that fall is on it's way. I'm suddenly in the mood for pumpkin spice lattes and caramel apples. The mornings are definitely cooler and the reality that I need to put my sandals away is getting more obvious every morning .   This is that time of the year that it get's very confusing in Indiana. It doesn't feel cold enough for boots but getting a little to cool for sandals.. What 's a girl to do ? Well we do what we always do adapt and make it work... LOL. 
In this post I wanted to highlight my love for animal prints for the fall. 
My first look I  decided to wear some booties bare legged and a pencil skirt for my transition look . I wore a short sleeve blouse because I knew it was going to warm up. I just love mixing animal print with red's or burgundy there is just something about the combo for fall that gets me so excited. I was lucky enough to come across this little red number by Alfani at Clothes Mentor here is Fort Wayne. I love the material and can see me rocking it so many ways with the animal print or with black and white.. oh so many options. I decided to add just little bursts of animal print with my belt and booties. 
My 2nd look I opted for leopard print pants and keeping it simple with a black tee and belt. I try not to overkill on the animal print I don't want to feel like Peg Bundy walking around and believe me my kids would let me know . You would think they had a job on Fashion Police when it comes to what I wear.. LOL.   I love these pants they are so comfortable and they were such a steel that I even picked up a pair for my fashion critic daughter .  When I showed her the pants she instantly said.. " Why did you get pants like mine" Excuse me like yours. .. You mean why did I buy you a pair of pants like mine? Now continue with your day girl..LOL. I think everyone in my family have these pants my sister , my aunt and my 92 Grandmother. My Grandmother will swear that none of us look as fabulous as she does in these pants and she is serious!
I totally agree when they say animal print is the new black it is such a staple in my wardrobe.  I will definitely be rocking mine this fall and beyond.. Just call me Peg or better yet Ms Bundy!
Look 1
Red Skirt - Alfani via Clothes Mentor Fort Wayne $12
Top - Worthington Jcpenney $15
Shoes - Style and Co via Macy's last year $20
Belt - Jcpenney $2 on clearance last year
Bag - Steve Madden TJ Max
Look 2
Pants - Jennifer Lopez Pants - Kohl's $15
Top - H&M $5
Necklace H&M $3.50
Shoes -Jcpenney old
Bag - +Ora Delphine- Adele Satchel - gift

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Feeling Chic In September

There is nothing like some fabulous shoes to make you feel chic and put together. I feel big city in Fort Wayne Indiana today... LOL.  I got these shoes back in the winter from one of my favorite places to shop +Kohl's . They are Rock and Republic I ended up waiting till they were marked down because as you know by now that is how I roll!  The cooler temps in morning caused me to pull out these closed toe shoes in my closet. I though they were the perfect match for my super cute Jones of New York skirt I scored for $10 at the Clothes Mentor here in Fort Wayne.  These shoes give my look more of and edge and a high fashion feel which is just what I was going for.  What I love about this skirt is the light pink stripe in the center and the material is just a heavy high quality with just the right amount of stretch. I know it looks white in the picture but the light pink makes it a little more unique.  I decided to add a my simple black Bisou Bisou peplum from +JCPenney and add some pink accessories and my chic' look was born. 

What so you have in your closet that makes you feel high fashion? Is it a fab pair of shoes a little black dress? I would love to know

Hope you are having a fabulous week and we are one day closer to Friday!

Skirt -  Jones of New York via Clothes Mentor Fort Wayne $10
Peplum - Bisou Bisou via Jcpenney's $10
Shoes - Rock and Republic via Kohl's  $30
Necklace - Candies Brand via Kohls' $5
Bracelet - Lauran Conrad via Kohl's $5
Bag - Steve Madden via TJ Maxx $22

Monday, September 8, 2014

Second Chance

I remember when the Duro Olowu line came out at Jcpenney's and thought to myself this is cute but I wasn't sure about it.. See this was before my blogger days. That is when different scared me when basic patterns were all my closet consisted of. The beauty of this blog it really has made me think out of the box when it came to fashion and to try new things. My motto is .." Just try it on you may be surprised" and I have been many times .  Now when I saw this dress at my local Clothes Mentor I knew immediately this was from Jcpenney's now either that is one heck of a memory or I have a serious I am thinking more of the second option.   I just love the ethnic pattern of this dress the color combination is lively and beautiful . I decided to pair this with my Steve Madden shoes to give it more a casual vibe and these shoes cover more of my foot so they are perfect for  a transition look for the fall. I lastly added a denim jacket and out the door this lady has business! 
  That is what I love so much about Clothes Mentor if I missed out of something that I loved or didn't know I loved at the time I may get a 2nd chance at finding it just like I did with this dress and many times before and for a fraction of the price . Just like my Mama always says if it's meant to be than it will be there.. and once again it was meant to be.
Ladies don't forget that Clothes Mentor is looking for fall and winter items so why not brings those items that you are no longer wearing for some cash on the spot or to find those 2nd chance items that you missed out on the first time around.
How are you Fashionista's getting out of your comfort zones what new things are you trying? Please dish?  In the words of the fabulous Joan Rivers " Who are you wearing?"
Have a wonderful week

Dress- Jcpenney Duro Olowu via Clothes Mentor $14
Shoes - Steve Madden via Macy's $22
Bracelet- Guess via Macy's $7
Jacket - Arizona Jcpenney via Goodwill $4
Bag - Ora Delphine - gift

Monday, September 1, 2014

Labor Day Dress Love

Last month when I was a panelist at the Ladies Who Brunch event I met many women it was an excellent networking event. One of the women I was lucky enough to meet was the owner of an up and coming boutique Exquisite Pink boutique. I love the on trend pieces and instantly took a liking to this classy but sexy look. This dress can be worn two different ways which is the perfect concept getting more bang for my buck .  I decided to wear this with sandals but could totally see transitioning this into the fall with a cute pair of booties. How are you fashionista's planning on transitioning your wardrobe to the cooler temperatures?  Please dish

My look
Dress-Exquisite Pink Boutique
Shoes-Lauren Conrad -Kohl's
Necklace -Gordman's

Sunday, August 31, 2014

My Way -Eshakti Review

I was recently contacted by Eshakti to pick out a dress and write a review about my experience.  I had never heard of this company previously but I was very intrigued when I looked at their website.  As many of you know I am a serious dress fanatic we all have our vices and honey dresses are mine. What I love about this site is you can pick a dress and customize the length , the sleeve style as well as the neckline. You kind of feel like a fashion designer . How many times have I found a dress and said this would perfect if it was a little longer or if it had sleeves. No need for wishing any longer you can get a dress with your desired sweet is that? It took me a while to make up my mind but I saw this polka dot Chambray number and the rest was history. When I got the dress about a week later it was exactly what I had hoped for. If you haven't heard of Eshakti you definitely will be impressed.  They are currently offering 30% off on their site so today is a great time to get acquainted

Dress- Eshakti
Booties- Rock and Rebublic via Kohl's
Bag -H&M
Necklace- Jcpenney

Friday, August 29, 2014

Frugal Friday plus Labor Day Deals

Well I couldn't let Friday pass without sharing one of my fabulous finds. I saw this dress at Carson's and instantly fell in love with the color palate. The price was just right at $15 reg priced at $75 so what an deal!  The blue and the yellow is one awesome combination. I decided to dress my casual Friday just a tad bit. I also wanted to fill my favorite frugal fashionista's in on some good shopping spots this holiday weekend. I just love Labor Day weekend shopping that is when you score some major deals on sandals , summer dresses and other spring and summer clothes. I love to pick up those transition pieces the light weight jackets , closed toe shoes and maybe some peep toe booties.


#1 H&M  - H&M always has some big sale going on holiday weekend. They have items marked as low as $5.
#2 Kohl's-Now there is no secret that I love me some Kohl's . They currently have some stackable coupons going on right now . You can use 10 off $25 and there is a 15% off coupon that you can stack. Very good deals going in this weekend.

#3 Forever 21 - all clearance is buy 1 get 1 free.. some really awesome deals there

#4 Jcpenney - all clearance is additional 25 % off plus you there are coupons for 15-20% coupon that makes for some excellent savings. I also got a 10 off 10 in my email so make sure you check yours as well for additional savings.

#5 Carson's - is having a fab sale additional 50% off yellow dot and there is a additional 20 % off coupon . This is where I got this super cute dress from for only $15

#6 Old Navy - everything on sale up to 50% off and even greater savings on items such as this super cute dress only $7.97 that can be styled so many ways and even transitioned to the fall


I hope you all have a safe and happy holiday.. Now get to shopping!


My look

Dress - Carson's $15

Shoes - Target ( old)

Necklace - Kohl's $3

Bracelet - JLO from Kohl's

Bag - Ora Delphine






Thursday, August 28, 2014

5 things

On the way to work today I was listening to the radio and a caller called in saying how when she talked to her friends she was always negative and finally one of her friends said to her "Every time I talk to you are negative don't you have anything good in your life?" She refused to talk to her friend unless everyday she could tell her 5 things that are going right in her life.  The caller agreed to this and did it for a month and found out that it completely changed her life.  I related to this on so many levels when I talk to my friends I am always complaining about something instead of looking at the good things that in my life. How easy it is so lose site of all you blessings by reflecting on what is going wrong instead of what is going right.  So I told told my 13 year old son this morning we are going to do this every night . I want you to come home tonight and tell me 5 things that are going well in your life and Mommy will do the same.  Don't let anyone tell you who or what you are. The words that you speak to yourself are the most important ones that you hear.

My 5 Good Things about Today

1)I feel great!
2) Pumpkin Coffee is back at Dunkin Donuts! whomp whomp!
3) I had a great conversation with a frien
4) My daughter said she loved me today!
5) God has blessed us with a beautiful day

Change your mindset.. and change you life !

What are your 5 things?