Sunday, August 2, 2015

New Month, New Week and New Dress!

I seriously can not believe that it is already August and my kids are back in school next week!  I just feel like the summer just flashed by so quickly.. This will be the beginning of my son's high school experience and my daughter is a senior this year.. All I want to know is how do they keep getting older and I just keep getting younger.. LOL 

I am so excited to be start this month and week off with my Momentum Monday call. If you need a call to get you fired up to inspire you to think big in every area in your life than this definitely is a call that  you should be on.  This a call is designed for big thinkers individuals that want encouragement to live their best life and follow their dreams .I have been on all of these calls and each time I hang up I am truly inspired. I feel like I just have added a few more tools to my belt to build the life that I was destined to live.  You can join the Momentum Monday Facebook page here.

I thought since I am very excited to start this month off I thought I would highlight this special dress. It's special because I have seriously been stalking this dress for months.  It is made by Julia Jordan NYC and I was actually introduced to this brand by my sis and have been obsessed ever since. I just love the style and the quality . Now when it first came to my attention it was $158 and this frugal fashionista couldnt' even go there .. so I waited and finally able to score this baby for $59 from Carson's . This dress is just perfect.. the color the style I am definitely smitten with this one.

Are you Fashionista's happy it's August  ?  Do you have anything that you are excited about?

My Look

Dress - Julia Jordan Carson's
Shoes - Target
Gold Shoes - Jcpenney

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

My Dress Recap

Now sometimes when I do blog posts and there are looks that somehow don't make it to a blogpost for one reason or another.  I think that if I posted everything I wore every single day I would be posting non stop and lets face it this is one busy lady. Between kids, work and trying to handle everything else as a single Mom my time is very limited. So I thought I would do a brief  recap of 2 of my favorite looks over the last week or so and can you believe that they both are dresses... imagine that.. As you know I am totally a girly girl.. a dress girl, a modern day June Cleaver.. LOL !  So without  further ado here they are .

The first dress  I wanted to highlight is  a near perfect LBD by Calvin Klein and I wish I could take credit for finding this beauty but it was my  lil sister ... aka mini me.. aka single black female  (if you seen that movie than you know what I mean LOL)who found this dress on Carson's website and it was it was marked down to yellow dot with additional 30% off ... uh yes add to Cart for the 2 curly sisters. I just love the classic silhouette  and the hint of sexiness with the cutouts. I added a statement necklace with my favorite Anne Klein bag and my classy sexy look was born.

My Look - Modern Day June Cleaver
Dress -Calvin Klein - Carson's - from July 29- Aug 1 use code DOTBTSJLY15 for 30% off yellow and black dot
Bag - Anne Klein - Carson's sim
Shoes - Mossimo - Target
Statement Necklace - New York and Company ( old)

My 2nd look is totally opposite it is more of a boho look that I am finding out that I am liking more and more . I fell in love with the colors of this dress they are vibrant but still has a romantic vibe.  I wanted to add some cute nude wedges and most of all a  hat. This is a perfect look for those downtown festivals and to think I was able to run across this beauty for only $10 in store  ... Woot Woot and what makes this even better this dress could totally be transitioned to fall with the help of some tan booties .. I can't wait to restyle this fabulous frock for cooler temperatures .

My Look -Romantic Coachella Look

Dress - H and M- this is reg price online. Try your local store for clearance price
Sandals - Express - sim
Bracelet- NY and Company (sim)

              It's fun to change up your style up once in awhile. Which one is your favorite?

                                                Have a Wonderful rest of the week
                                                             Stay Fabulous

                                         XOXO Mary aka Curlybyrdie



Sunday, July 26, 2015

Culottes X's Three

I just love when I can revisit trends that I loved  once upon a time a put a different spin on it. I jumped on the culottes boat all over again.. gladly. I saw these perfect pants on a recent trip to no other than +JCPenney  and I knew I just had to add them to my closet . The fit and fabric is so fantastic and the fact they have pockets even add to their allure.  Now before purchasing these I did think about how many ways I would style these pants and I came up with 3 right off the top of my head and I know these will be rotation in my closet . I can totally see me wearing these in the fall with some booties.  During this time of the year I try to add pieces that I can wear now and also transition into the fall season and these lovelies made the cut.  

Which one is your favorite? Anyone else excited to try this trend?

Look 1
Pants - Worthington Jcpenney
Top-Worthington Jcpenney
Shoes - Target (clearance)
Bag - Anne Klein (sim)

Look 2 - Night out on the town
Top - Sears - Kardashian Kollection ( Old)
Shoes - Sam and Libby  - Target
Clutch - Nicole Miller - Jcpenney (old)
Look 3 - Casual Look
Top - H&M here only $5.99
Shoes - Target (old)
Bag - Steve Madden (old)

Thanks for stopping by as always
Mary aka Curlybyrdie

Monday, July 20, 2015

Curlybyrdie in the News- Jcpenney Finds

There is nothing that I love discussing more than fashion which is obvious.. Lol so I was  so excited when the local newspaper contacted me about a article they were doing about staple pieces for your closet at well as shopping on a budget which is basically what I am all about. Now I couldn't think of a better place to have this conversation than my favorite store Jcpenney the place where I find so many of my fashionable items without spending outside my budget .  When you shop all these wonderful sales with coupons you will walk out the door with all those fundamental pieces needed to build that fabulous wardrobe.

Not only was I lucky enough to be featured in the article on The Journal Gazette (here)   . I was able to appear on a short video with fashion tips which is kind of new for this Fashionista but it was good getting out of my comfort zone and nice for all you wonderful readers  to get a chance to hear a voice behind these posts.  See video here

Curlybyrdie at Jcpenney

Items Featured on the Video

Halter Top - Worthington (here)
Maxi Skirt  - Worthngton (here)
A-Line - Worthington (here)
Green Bag- Liz Claiborne sim (here)
Necklace- Worthington(here)
Jumpsuit - Nicole Miller (here)
Jacket - Worthington (here)
Black Dress- MNG (here)
Kimono- ANA (here)
Long Necklace- Liz (here)

What staple items are must in your closet ?  How are your styling those items to create more looks ?

Thanks for reading


Saturday, July 18, 2015

Curlybyrdie Chirps Turns 2

I can't believe that it has been 2 years ago that I pushed that publish button for the first time.(see here). All I can say is Wow... and Thank you for reading. What started as just a woman talking about all her fashionable deals turned into so much more.  This blog has been my best friend , my creative outlet and my platform in a time that I needed it the most.  When I first started this blog I was at a time in my life that I felt stagnant , irrelevant  and just empty. I was 40 years old , a single mother to 2 wonderful kids and full time worker .  I had forgotten who Mary really was. .I needed something more .. I needed a voice .  Curlybyrdie Chirps has forever changed my life for the better.

This blog has taken me to places I never thought I would go ,introduced me to some pretty wonderful people and opened many doors for me but most importantly it had given me something that I had lacked for most of my life and that is confidence. When I sit back and reflect and realize that this is something I created on my own it is such a rewarding feeling. It's kind of like that feeling when a mother gives birth to a child and she watches it grow into to adult .   I never in a million years would have thought  I would have women inboxing me telling me that I inspire them.  It makes me teary eyed and humbles me everytime I think about it.

Now for Curlybyrdie Chirp's  Birthday I had to wear something kind of special and darlings this skirt is such perfection. When I saw this on +Ann Taylor .com I knew I loved it but when I actually saw this beauty in person I was even more impressed . The quality is superb and the cut of this is perfect  for any figure. I decided to make it even more special by adding this super cute bow top from the Lauren Conrad Minnie Mouse collection  from +Kohl's  The navy blue bow belt was a wonderful way to top of this look to celebrate such a special day in my life and in true Curlybyrdie style it was only $10 from the Limited... Woot Woot... the things that make me smile :)

I want to thank you for reading and remember to follow your passion no matter how ridiculous others may think it sounds . Believe me I had friends and family members looking at me like.. ok we don't get this whole picture taking with all these clothes.. People don't see your vision... the important thing is that it is clear to you!

My Look
Skirt - Ann Taylor
Top - Lauren Conrad via Kohl's
Belt - The Limited
Shoes - Target

Mary aka Curlybyrdie

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

SilmQuick Review

I was recently given a sample of Slimquick Pure Drink Mix.  I had been looking for something that would suppress my appetite and give me a much needed boost of energy. The berry flavored drink tastes pretty good and comes in this convenient packets that easily fit in your purse or pocket for that matter. and you can mix with a bottled water when needed  .  I love the fact that these are designed for women  in mind to help them in their weight loss efforts. 

Increases - Metabolism
Reduces - Appetite
Boosts - Energy
Supports - Hormones
Reduces - Stress

Now I haven't tried this long enough to see how beneficial it is for weight loss. I do know that when I get that hungry feeling in the afternoon and I drink this I do see that it reduces  my  appetite tremendously  and I  notice that much needed burst of energy in the morning and afternoon.. which is enough of a reason for me to give it a thumbs up. I will continue to use and give you and update of my weight loss progress . 

If this is something that you would like to incorporate into your healthier lifestyle I have included a coupon for $5 off here.  This can be purchased at stores such as Walmart , Walgreens and CVS to name a few .

Have you tried this product before ? What are you thoughts I would love for you to share!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Boho and Breezy with a Sofa

I just love the Midwest such awesome scenery and wonderful places to take photos. I recently had the pleasure of working with Michele from Michele Snyder Photography.  I was introduced to her work through one my friends Ashley the mama behind the on trend T-shirt boutique KaaN's Design's.  The photos she took of her sweet boys grabbed my attention and once I started following her I began to really appreciate the artistry of her work .

I was able to finally work with this beauty who by the way has some pretty cute little babies of her own which make for some darling little models  . I was very intrigued when I saw that she would be doing sofa sessions . Now if you have never heard of "Sofa Sessions "than you are not alone because I hadn't previously . Let me fill you in there is a vintage sofa in the middle of some amazing scenery and you get this easy relaxed  vibe which make for some pretty amazing photos .  This is totally something that I am not used to which makes it pretty exciting . With the help of Michele I was able to decide on a Boho vibe look with this floral maxi dress by Jessica Simpson and ladies this dress is not only beautiful but it has pockets.. I think the pockets were the deciding factor of me taking this dress home .  I decided to really go boho by adding this amazing hat that I had stalked at H&M until I was finally able to score it for $10 . I forgot how much I love wearing hats but this one added a little something to these photos .  Michele really made you feel relaxed I felt like we were old friends and she was able to get me out of comfort zone. I love the relaxed and happy look on my face. These photos were not only about fashion but they captured me at this point of my life.

If you are in the Midwest area and you are in the need of a photographer  I guarantee that you will not be disappointed in Michele's artistic vision. I know I was overjoyed with this results.

My Look
Dresss Jessica Simpson - Carson's (sim)
Shoes- ANA - Jcpenney
Hat - H & M sim
Necklace -The Limited
Bracelet - Guess - Macy's