Monday, May 2, 2016

Mono Chromatic on the Chic

I had a lot of fun with this shoot partly because my sister was  the photographer so you know  you can act like a stone cold fool and no one cares and my nephew tagged along so it made it even more of a family affair.  You know I am not Curlybyrdie with my nieces and nephews I Aunt Sissy just a fun fact about myself.  

My look today had so many things that I just love first the mono chromatic white and black so classic and chic I feel like you just can't go wrong with those hues and than stripes on stripes with added polka dots .. Oh yes give me pattern mixing anytime it makes things so much fun.  This look is so versatile you could add a jacket to keep it office friendly and take the jacket off and and higher heels and head to drinks after work . I am all about multi function looks in case you didn't know. 

                                                Look we found Elvis what a great day!
                                            But Aunt Sissy Nothing is my reply right now..LOL


                                Sorry Idris Elba I can't make it out tonight for drinks tonight LOL

                                 Top - (here), Skirt (sim), Shoes (sim), Bag (here)

                  Well thanks for stopping by for my shenanigans it means so much to me ! 

                                         XOXO - Mary aka as Aunt Sissy and Curlybyrdie ! 

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Off the Shoulder Trend

As a woman over 40 or should I say a lady a little more seasoned... LOL . I tread the waters carefully when it comes to trends . I understand that there are just some trends that I just can't get aboard on or probably shouldn't, but this Off the Shoulder thing has two thumbs from this curly fashionista . What I love about this look is that it is universally flattering on all body types it shows of those shoulders and the color bone area which is actually one of my favorite parts of my body and I think many women feel the same way.   If you are pear shaped, apple shaped even banana shaped (is that a shape?) it just somehow looks great and gives a little bit of sexiness without showing to much.  

 This off the shoulder top was such an awesome deal at Express like $10 but I would have paid more. It is just a staple piece that can carry you all spring and summer long. I love pieces that are inexpensive but but current and you can feel totally on trend without a huge investment. I decided to style this striped top with this patterned palazzo pants so I am also pattern mixing which I love to do . Remember those days when you didn't do stripes with plaid oh honey those days are over . I am an avid pattern mixer it just keeps everything a lot more interesting. 

                          Top - Express (sim), Pants - NY and Company (sim), Bag - Kohl's (here)
 Well I am dress girl so I had to throw a  dress in the mix. I love nice light and flowy dresses for the warmer months this off the shoulder gives that feminine romantic feel but this dress also adds an element of sexy with the dark floral pattern and  black lace.  This dress makes me feel like dancing it would be perfect for the date night or perhaps just a night out with this girls .


Dress - (sim) , Plus size (here), Shoes -Jcpenney -(here)

So ladies are you about that "Off the Shoulder " life  ? Do you think this a trend that  you will give a try ? I think you should you may be pleasantly surprised and their doesn't have to be a lot of investment involved and you will still feel like you are on trend. Not how sweet is that? 

I want to thank you for stopping by it 's always a pleasure . 

       XOXO - Mary aka Curlybyrdie 

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Transformation on the Runway - Fort Wayne Makeover Conference

Last year I attended the Fort Wayne Makeover conference and I can't even voice enough the impact it had on my life.   It was there that I met Jil Jordan Green and Denita Washington and it was a meeting that would help take my life in a new direction.  I  was 42 at the time a single mother of 2 kids and working full time and I was blogging as my creative outlet but I was comfortable I was not walking in my purpose.  I knew that I wanted more out of life I wanted to make a difference in my community but most importantly I wanted to love the person I was inside .  I didn't want my past to define me or determine where I was going in my future.    It was after that conference that my life started to change it awakened something inside of me that had been there all along.   

So when Jil and Denita asked me to organize a fashion show for the "Fort Wayne Makeover Conference " I was flattered and humbled.  We agreed that this was not going to be a just about fashion it would much deeper.  The theme of this conference was " The Butterfly Effect " all about the transformation of the caterpillar to the butterfly.   We not only wanted to highlight just the outer beauty of these women but we wanted to talk about the obstacles they have overcome or are currently working through.  There were 5 women that included myself and we told our stories in hopes of inspiring another woman and letting know they are not alone. These are women who had overcome physical and emotion abuse  , who have overcome racial identity issues , abandonment issues stemming from missing love from their father.  Our story was told in own own voice while we walked down the runway so that everyone could hear the emotion and authenticity of our  story and it was life changing not just for the audience but for ourselves. 

I was honored to be a part of such a wonderful event.  The fashion show was just a part of this conference . There were so many areas that were touched such as mental health a subject that is often not talked about but one needs to be.  I laughed , I cried but most of all I learned.  There was such a sense of sisterhood in that room.  So often in life we don't celebrate each other enough we put on an act like everything is just perfect in life when your transparency could help another women see that her situation is not hopeless. 


   What a day it was and I will continue to take it all in.  I am so thankful to Jil , Denita and all the other fabulous women  that were there making this an event to remember . I am so grateful to all the models for being  brave and transparent . I was so proud to walk the runway with such lovely women I can't wait to see that this year has in store! 
                                                  XOXO - Mary aka Curlybyrdie 

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

All Striped Out !

I am a girl that loves her stripes. So when I was contacted by Romwe  to select an item for a sponsored post I gladly gravitated toward this black and white maxi dress .  I loved the way this dress looked on the website so flowy and chic .  I previously heard of Romwe but this was the first item that I actually saw in person.    When I got this dress( in a timely matter I might add) I did notice that it was not as long the one in the photo and it does run slightly small so I ordered a size up.   Once I tried it on I loved the crochet top it gave the dress a little added style .  I just love the mono chromatic black and white especially when you add a pop of color.  I thought this lovely dress went perfectly with my new favorite bag from Kohl's . Not only did this add pattern mixing to look but it gave it that pop of color that I am so fond of . 

                              Dress -Romwe- (here), Bag -Kohl's (here), Shoes -Jcpenney (sim)

Are you sucker for stripes like I am ?   If you are than this dress would be a great spring and summer option and at less than $20 it's definately worth a try. 

                                 Thank you lovelies for stopping by it really makes my day ! 

                                                  XOXO  Mary aka Curlybyrdie 

Monday, April 25, 2016

Fab 40's in Pleats

Well here we go another fun style challenge for the Fab forties and this time we will tackle pleats . When I was first presented with this challenge I was like this may be a little difficult but than I skimmed my wardrobe and actually had quite a few options so I opted for my favorite summer dress of all time this vibrant Eliza J number that I literally stalked at Carson's till with went on sale last year .  Well my patience did pay off and I think I scored this for like $29 . I am so obsessed with hot pinks and oranges in the warmer months so this dress encompasses everything that I love .  

                                                    Dress (sim), Shoes (sim), Bag (sim)

       I simply love the way the other Fab Forties styled pleats they amazed me with their creativity ! 

Sheela of Sheela Writes  - Oh Sheela slayed this look she brings the fierceness to pleats who would have thought ?  I am big fan of the her unique take on everything ! 

Anne from Kremb Da La Kremb - Anne takes the pleats to a colorful and casually cute look . I love how Anne's looks are always so artistic and I would have never thought of it. I love the way she makes me think more out the box . You go Anne! 

Diane - Fashion on the 4th Floor- Oh why is Diane always so stinkin cute !  I just love her take on everything here style just gives me life. Her vibrant personality to just shows through with her fun and  gorgeous style and she is my curly sister , Great look girl ! 

Samantha from Fake Fabulous- I simply adore this look  the white pleated top gives just right amount of sexiness but very tasteful and check . I love the pops of red  that gives a little extra ummph!  Love it lady ! 


Dawn Lucy from Fashion Should Be Fun - I am going to call Dawn's look.. Posh . She took the pleats to a sophisticated look and giving us a take charge look !  I love this look 

Jennie from A Pocketful of Polka Dots- takes the pleats to a romantic look yet and put together. I love the how she added a colorful button down to give it a more put together look. 

Yvonne from Funky Forty our guest blogger took the pleats to a casual and playful style her fun personality really shine through in this sweet look 

Well there you have it another great challenge . I love this group of women and there individual style and reflects our personality . Can't wait to see May's challenge.

                                               As always want to thank you for stopping by ! 

                                            XOXO - Mary aka Curlybyrdie 

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Sunday Flowers

There is nothing more perfect than a Sunday with beautiful weather it is the perfect close to a wonderful weekend.  I spent  the day with my sister Erin and it was such an unplanned day out which ended up being pretty awesome..  She was out on mission looking for Gold shoes which is right up my alley but  instead of her finding  gold shoes I ended up finding this vibrant and beautiful skirt on the clearance rack at +Burlington Coat Factory  .  The bright gorgeous floral pattern and it had major twirl factor made it impossible to say no  so it was an "Oh yes " for this Fashionista !  

The wonderful thing about this photo shoot was my sister ended up taking the photos.  Usually I have a photographer or my teenage kids are taking the photos. It actually was great time seeing my sister behind the lense and her discovering that she actually has a love for photography . I mean this girl had me standing on things.. twirling around  it was a lot of fun.   We all have a passion mine being fashion it's my art and I love when I see other women discover theirs it's a beautiful thing. 

Skirt Burlington Coat Factory (sim)|,  Shoes Jcpenney (sim)

I think my sis did a pretty good job with the photos and we had a pretty awesome day and I look forward to her exploring this new found hobby!  

As always I want to thank you for taking time out of your busy day to stop by it's always a pleasure ! 

XOXO Mary aka Curlybyrdie