Sunday, January 25, 2015

Feeling So Fly

Another snowy day in Indiana but that doesn't stop me from wanting to wear this super cute t-shirt from Girl Fly Fashion . You really should check out their facebook page here to get updates on the their upcoming fashion boutique. They are located right here in the Midwest and I can't wait to take a look at their selections. I just love the message on this shirt "Free to be Fly" and I couldn't wait wear this and release my inner fly girl. The kissy lips make this the perfect shirt to wear on a Valentine's lunch date with your sweetie! This shirt had Curlybyrdie all over it! How I love graphic tee's with catchy sayings and designs there are so many styling options. I must admit years ago I would have never thought about styling them with skirts but now I am all about that life!  I decided to style this with my striped JLo Midi skirt from Kohl's . I just love this skirt I purchased a navy and white one last year and loved it so much that as soon as I saw the black and white version at Kohl's I just knew it had to be mine. The quality of this skirt is superb and I can definitely see me wearing this year around. How are you fashionista's thinking out of the box with your fashion and styling ?.. I would love to know!  Wishing you a lovely week and remember to " Stay Fly "

My Look-

T Shirt - Girl Fly Fashion - check out their Facebook page (here)
Skirt - JLO - Kohl's $35.00 use NEWYEAR30 for additional 30% off with charge.
Juicy Couture Bracelet - Kohl's Clearance - $3.50
Bow Bracelet - Charlotte Russe $5
Booties- Target $6 clearance
Jacket -Ruby Road - Carson's $7.50 reg price $74.00 ( oh yeah!)
Necklace - HM - $1.50

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Curlybyrdie's Show and Tell - Carson's plus more fun deals!

 It is that time again another edition of Curlybyrdie's Show and tell. As requested by one of my blog followers I decided to shop Carson's this week and I am sure glad I did. Whenever Carson's have additional 30% off clearance I make it my business to stop in for a gander.  Well of course my first stop as always is the dress rack. There were so many awesome deals and I easily could have left with a bag full of dresses I decided to just limited it to one dress. and that was not easy for this dress freak believe me especially when the prices as this awesome! My motto when looking today I would get a dress not that I liked but that I love.. Kind of like a first date... u have to impress me and be like no other..LOL> This Navy blue number was one that I just fell in love with. It is like nothing that I have in my closet. This dress had me at hello :)  Which one did you like the best? Did I make the right choice? 

Now I couldn't close this blog post without talking about my awesome score from Tar-Jay aka Target. They had 40% off shoes coupon on their Cartwheel app . I was able to score shoes as low as $6 now how sweet is that and I was able to pick up this super cute hate for $10 that I had been eyeing for quite sometime. So if you haven't been to Target in a while you really should stop in.. the clearance is marked down nicely and don't forget to check Cartwheel and mobile coupons for even more savings . Hope you are all having a fabulous weekend full of  fantastic finds.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Goodbye is Never Easy

 Normally I would be posting about all the awesome deals I found on MLK weekend.  You know any holiday they find a reason to have a fabulous sale.  This post is something very different it is a post about loss.

This weekend I lost my step father Dave to lung cancer.  He was diagnosed in Sept and lost his battle this Saturday.  Dave came into my family's life 21 years ago on my 21st birthday. It was a gift that I was not open to receive to say the least . It had been just my Mom and my sisters and my brother for most of our life.  We were spoiled we were used to having all my Mom's attention. I was the oldest and I was the worst. It was not an easy transition.  There were so many years when I referred to Dave as my " Mom's husband" I didn't want to feel like I was disrespecting my Dad .. yeah crazy I know. Than as time passed and I grew up and I first realized I like Dave.. I liked the way he treated my Mom and how he treated us. He was present at all events in my life and than later in my kids life. They loved him... and I realize I did to.  I am so thankful that he came into my Mom's life ,she had been alone for so long and he was companionship for her and a father figure for us.  I told Dave months ago how thankful I was that he came into our life and I apologized for years ago when I didn't really make his life that easy and in true Dave fashion.. he told me that I don't have to apologize he understood.

I will miss my step father. I will miss the crazy jokes, the laughter our family holiday's together but most of  all I will miss the way he made my Mom feel .  Dave I love you and I will never forget what you gave to this family. Rest in Peace.. Until we meet again

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Curlybyrdie's Show and Tell -Clothes Mentor

Well happy hump day!  We are almost there can you believe it? Last week I had my first post in the Curlybyrdie's Show and Tell series. I highlighted my recent finds at Jcpenney . If you missed it you can see it here. I go into a store selected by me or you and pick my favorite items that are awesome deals and blog about it. It's kind of like you are actually shopping with me without leaving the comforts of  your computer.  People ofter ask me " How do you find such awesome deals?" . You can now witness the method to my madness first hand!

I decided  to shop one of my favorite places  for some awesome deals my local Clothes Mentor. The thing that I have learned about shopping second hand is you have to be open minded. What I mean by that is .. what you may have went in there to find may not be what you end up leaving with.   LOL.  I always try on even if something is not in my size I try it on because not every brands sizes run the same.  I even try on petites because maybe a dress that was intended to be midi on a petite person makes a pretty cute knee length dress. 

Now one of the first racks I shop when I go here... Or anywhere for that matter LOL. are the skirt and dress rack. What I love about Clothes Mentor you can find some pretty nice name brand dresses and skirts for awesome prices. Now who doesn't love brand name for a good price!  Now I couldn't buy out the entire store so I also pictured some super cute items that I had to leave behind.. but the good news is that one of you fabulous ladies might want to give them a home. I scored a Worthington skirt on the clearance rack for $3 and the possibilities with this flared skirt are endless so yes this girl is getting a lot of bang for $3. I also ran across this Catherine Malandrino top that I had wanted from Kohl's but waiting to long and missed out. I was able to find this top NWT for $16 . You never know what treasures you will run across that makes it even more fun! 

Don't forget Clothes Mentor pays cash on the spot for all those fashionable pieces in your closet that you are no longer loving but some other fabulous lady might. Also let me know what store you would like to see me shop next . Until next time dolls :)

My Look
Black and White Skirt - Worthington via Clothes Mentor Fort Wayne $3
Top - Kardashian Kollection - Sears (old)
Shoes - Lauren Conrad via Kohl's

Colorblock Skirt Ann Taylor via Clothes Mentor $14
Top - Catherine Malandrino via Clothes Mentor $16
Shoes - Rock and Republic via Kohl's $25

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Sunday Already ????

I can not believe that I am sitting her getting ready for my week! What happened.. not this already . After last week full of crazy cold weather and the flu entering my household I am only hoping that this week can only be better than last week. I was able to spend time with family and get a little shopping in.. The weekend would not be complete without a few deals!  It's funny I had a call from my 2 sisters that wanted me to meet them at the mall and help them do some magic. My niece is already in Curlybyrdie training and is getting to be quite the little frugal shopper.. LOL.  I also took some time out to tame these curls with a roller set . What I love about a roller set is that the results last well in my hair but with all this thick hair putting those rollers in is no joke.. and dryer time .. Oh honey lets just day my face was red and I couldn't even tell if I was having a hot flash or if I was just plain hot!!! 

I got a call from my baby sister  telling me I need to get to Macys' immediately .. and I took her word for it and I am glad a I did . I got this darling Made by Impluse dress that is super cute reg $99 for only $22 after coupons.  I also scored this pearl choker an old Hollywood looking  choker and some matching earrings for such a great deal I can't wait to style these together. Now I was also able to get the top I had on today which is BarIII from Macy's reg $50 for only $15 and this chic little jacket from INC . I love the leather like sleeves with the soft fabric adding this silver zipper just makes it so edgy. I will totally be rocking this many times. This jacket was normally $119.00 and after the coupon I was able to score this for $20 now that is deals at their best. I decided to style these with some skinny pants that I got from Kohl's a while ago and my OTK boots by Simply Vera.. I obsessed with these boots for comfy, chic and easy on the pockets! 

I went kind of easy this  weekend picked up these BeyoncĂ© type fabulous heels from+Jcpenney. I had $10 rewards and they also had a $10 off 25 coupon so I was able get these fabulous heels and pair of shoes for my Mommy and just pay $13 ..How sweet is that?  What fashionable finds did you score this weekend ? What items do you currently have on your wishlist?

My Look,
Top - Barr III - Macy's $15
Jacket - INC - Macy's $20
Necklace- JLO - Kohls' $8
Pants- Apt 9 - Kohls $5
Boots - Simply Vera- Kohl's
Bag- HM $20

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Curlybyrdie's Show and Tell Jcpenney Style

If follow my blog or follow me on Instagram you know how much I just love to shop and there is nothing I like more than showing off my fashionable finds.  Honey if I find a $2 skirt I want you know about it... so you can get one too! LOL.  With it being a brand new year I thought this would be the perfect time to start a weekly segment " Curlybyrdie's Show and Tell "  . This would be all about me check them out and let you know what I found . me showcasing the deals and fashionable finds  I will pick out a store every week and highlight some of the deals I found and my favorite iteshowing and telling all about any deals or items I have simply fell in love with at some of my favorite stores It's kind of like we are shopping together only you don't have to carry those bags or find a parking space which can kind of be a challenge this time of year.

This week I decided that I would shop Jcpenney's . Now I have shopped at Jcpenney's ever since I was little . I usually find pretty good deals there ,which you know that is what I am all about. Jcpenney is having a pretty good clearance sale going on so if you are in the market for boots,coats , hats, slippers you might want to pay them a visit.  So let me start showing and telling! LOL

Kissy Top- Bisou Bisou - $27.99 - this top would be the perfect top to wear on Valentine's Day.How cute are those kissy lips?
Hat-in store - $19.00 - I love this hat it is so on trend and I thought $19 was a decent price.
Jacket - Worthington - $48.99 - I love love this jacket they were out of med so I tried on the small. The material of this jacket is so soft and quality .I did leave it because I need a medium and I am going to need this to go a little cheaper. lol..
Patterned Skirt and Top - Bisou Bisou $21.99 each piece- in case you haven't figured it out this brand is one of my favorites.  I have many of these style of skirts but I feel in love with the bright colors and when paired with the top it has illusion that it is dress just add a wide belt and ladies you got yourself a dress!
Red Bow Purse - Call It Spring- What is not to love about this purse . It's red and it has a bow on it.. so cute and would look adorable with that . shirt!
Peplum Top-Bisou Bisou $10- these scuba type peplums have been a staple in my wardrobe. I have so many of these and wear them to death. They are so flattering and can be styled so many ways bring one of those old pencil skirts back to life with this little top.
Plaid Shoes - Arizona - these shoes are adorable and at $12.99 ( in store ) what a steel and a perfect way to make those jogger pants look even cuter!
Gold Shoes- Jada Brave- These shoes look even better in person and they are $19.99 in the store. At least at my store. Perfect shoe for a night out on the town.
Slouchy Boots- Olsenboye- I just love these slouchy boots and price is righti! In our local store the price is $19.99 and they come in tan also.. At that price you must pick up both!

I hope you like all my finds and please like my page Curlybyrdie's Show and Tell and let me know what stores you would like me to visit! Have a great rest of the week my fabulous Fashionista's !

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Wishlist and Weekend Recap

With the first full week of January 2015 coming upon us. I am trying to figure how long it will take me to write 2015 on everything. Oh those January problems... LOL.  I had a good few days off work I was able to spend some quality time with the kiddies and family. I even was able to have a girls night out and it was fabulous to let me hair down a little don't we all need that once in a while.

The weekend wouldn't be complete without a little shopping with my baby girl(yeah she's 16). I was able to score some DKNY jeans reg $69 for only $19.97 at Carson's this weekend now you know me I am very seldom out getting jeans I am a dress kind of girl but how could I pass this awesome deal up and the they fit great and all you pear shaped girls know that when you find a jean that fits well.. u need to go ahead and scoop those up. I used to sleep on Carson's but they are really convincing me that there are deals to be had! LOL .

Now with it being the New Year you can't help but to think about getting healthier. I was really trying to do this during the holiday season but with all the cookies and treats around the office it is almost impossible.  So I am ready to get back in the swing and have been working on fitness for the past few weeks. Now I don't know about you but cute gym clothes give me more incentive to get to the gym so  I have listed some cute little gym clothes that I want in my closet immediately because honey this girl needs all the motivation she can get!

Weekend Look
Pants- Jcpenney - Joe Fresh (last year)
Top - Jcpenney - Bisou Bisou
OTK Boots - Simply Vera Boots - Kohls - I love these boots so comfy with perfect heal height and compliments everytime I wear them!
Sweater - Carson's
Bag- H&M

1 & 2- Performance Tee-Kohl's - I just love positive motivation and what can get you going but words that give you that little boost of confidence.  Believe in your Selfie! How cute is that.. and Awesomeness. You must speak it to believe it and only $6.99! Yes and Yes!
3 - Fila - Performance Fleece  - I already have a very similar black jacket like this and I love it.  It washes up very nicely and keeps me oh so cozy so now I am needing a white one in my life. As cold as it is in Indiana this jacket is perfect to keep you warm when heading out to the gym.
4-Fila Skimmer pant - As you can see I love this Fila line because there are some super cute pieces and they are affordable. These pattern pants are 2 cute and I must have
5-Active Pattern Pants - Old Navy - Now I was able to score these these awesome pants for $10 this weekend . I was a little leery because of the light color but they were way 2 cute to pass up and $10 ... it was a yes!
6-Active Tank- Old Navy - This was another purchase.. I can and I will... Oh yes this went home with me and for only $9 .. Score!
7-Mesh Top with Keyhole Back- Xersion - I just love this top from Jcpenney.  It is made out of mesh and you can wear a sports bra under it . I love working out in this material it gives a little coverage and you can stay cool at the process .
8- Nike Free 5.0- Footlocker- These shoes are perfection I want them so bad but this is something that I have to earn. I am so cheap... oh I mean frugal and in order for me to justify spending $110 on some shoes I will have to put in some work.. so I am thinking when I lose 15lbs than I will have earned these shoes.. so stay tuned.