Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Simple Pieces Combined

There are just some days where you just feel like not putting little effort into what your wearing you brain is just so overloaded with work, kids, kids activities that you just want to keep it simple but look like you are still put together at least slightly . 

One of the staples in my closet is the simple midi dress that has so many styling options. This striped midi I got from H&M last year I think for about $15 and it has been a simple piece that has saved me on more than one occasion.  I added this long vest that is so one trend right now to create a casual but sleek look .  I love these vest because they can cover some of those areas that I might be a little self conscience about but still give you that streamline effect now add some fabulous shoes such as this cut out shooties from one of my favorite places to buy shoes.. Kohl's  .  I am totally in love with these  ,plus they are comfortable. It's hard to get fierce but comfortable when you talking about shoes take it from me I know!    

So this is my simple look that can take you about anywhere .

My Look
Dress - sim options here and here
Long Vest - sim here and plus
Shootie - Chelsea and Zoe via Kohl's here
Bag - Anne Klein Carson's

          What are you go to simple pieces  that you can transform in the spur of the moment ?

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                                               Mary aka Curlybyrdie

Monday, October 5, 2015

One Faux Leather Skirt X's 3

I have developed this love of faux leather and this skirt was so unique in color that I just knew that would enjoy finding ways to style it. Now I love the asymmetrical design of this skirt and the rich cognac color makes it a perfect fall staple.  When styling this skirt I found myself going back to my Native American roots.  The color makes a great canvas for some of the brighter colored jewelry and that is exactly what I gravitated toward on the first 2 looks.

So shall we get started ? I am ready

Look 1
Skirt - Worthington - Jcpenney Misses here , Plus here
Top - Worthington Jcpenney - Misses here ,Plushere
Bag - Liz Claiborne - sim
Necklace - Chaps via Kohl's
Bracelet - Sylca Designs-here - stay tuned for a post about this fabulous shop  

This first look I decided to pair the skirt with the faux leather top also from the Worthington line at Jcpenney .  I actually saw the top in the store and loved the color and the quality so I knew I had to have the skirt the minute I saw it online. You know how some faux leather can look plastic and cheap that was not the case for this. I love pairing two matching pieces together giving you the illusion that it is a dress. I decided to add this Chaps Native American Inspired necklace that I lucked up on Kohl's clearance rack.   This picture doesn't do this necklace justice ..  I felt like an Indian Princess in this necklace. Luckily I had some pumps that matched this look perfectly !



Look 2
Top- Jcpenney  Arizona - Juniors here 
Shoes - Shoedazzle (old)
Necklace- Jcpenney Arizona - sim

If you think the previous look was Native American Inspired than you haven't seen nothing yet. I didn't plan on it but when styling this gorgeous skirt I start picking from my closet and it just happened and it was actually quite fun. I knew the instant that I got this skirt I was going to style it with a jean jacket I felt like it was a no brainer . When searching my closet I stumbled across this fringe shooties I completely forgot about (don't judge me) I thought they were the perfect touch to this look.



Look #3

Top - JLO  via Kohl's sim
Jacket - Clothes Mentor $6 (old)
Hat - sim
Necklace - Apt 9 via Kohl's here
Shoes- Chelsea and Zoe via Kohl's here

I thought I would end with a little more high fashion and a sexiness.. why not it's Monday .  I really don't need an excuse to wear animal print.. as you can see but I thought that the color of this skirt called for me add a little bit of print to the mix . I think by adding a jacket or hat that it is just enough animal print to give it the pop it needs.

Which look do you like the best? Do you plan on incorporating faux leather into your fall wardrobe?

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Friday, October 2, 2015

Friday Favs- Fun Fall Items

I know I have said it a million times before Fall is my favorite season as far as fashion is concerned and my living in the Midwest it is exceptionally beautiful outside.  Now October is my favorite month partially because it's my birthday month (Woot woot!) but I feel like your are really getting into  the nitty gritty of fall.  This week favorites are inspired by the changing season with my favorite cozy hues! 

Let's get this party started shall we? 
 Jumpsuit - Jennifer Lopez via Kohl's- women's  and plus - I love love this jumpsuit the perfect shade rich hunter green for the fall months and that chain belt honey (sexy sexy)  .  l love the way it hangs are your body not to tight just     classy . I could totally see JLO rocking this 
 Pumps- Lauren Conrad via Kohl's - here . I featured these before but that was before I got them in   the mail so perfect and the packaging made me feel like a princess! 
Lace Up Shooties - Chelsea and Zoe- here - I believe this a new brand at Kohl's and I am in love with these on trend shooties..  they kind of give you a vintage vibe  and some added sexiness!

Sweater Dress -New York and Company- here I just love sweater dresses in the fall and this one with the fringe honey is just fabulous and it's on sale for $29 .. so cute I will definitely have this on the fall and winter rotation it also comes in a Burnt Orange shade also  
Faux Leather Top - Worthington via Jcpenney -womensplus I am so in love with this faux leather top you know how some faux leather can look cheap and sort of plastic that is not the case this looks so real and rich and it comes in black .      
Faux Leather Skirt - Worthington via Jcpenney -women'sPlus-the quality of the material matches the skirt and fell in love with the color and the asymmetrical cut.. You will see me sporting this many   times stay tuned .                                                  


  Poncho - Old Navy - womensplus (sim)  I just love wearing ponchos they are the perfect fall accessory for those cool but not quite winter days . Perfect to throw on going to the mall or perhaps sitting out on a cool night at a high school football game (my life)
Bag - Target - here I just love the color combo of this bag and wouldn't it look perfect with the poncho..  I am just saying and it comes in a lighter beige also... no pressure lol 
Hat- Old Navy -here  we all need one of those felt hats.. and this would go great with the poncho and bag.. again no pressure and it's $13 .. add to cart! 

Which is your favorite? What fall items are you looking forward to wearing or are currently wearing?

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Mary aka Curlybyrdie XOXO  

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Caped and Sophisticated

I am always on the hunt for the perfect black dress and  I love a classic look but I also like a little added pizazz .. something that takes that LBD a little over the top with a little added glamour.  When I was contacted by GCGME to collaborate with their brand I was immediately interested when I viewed  the website and saw many maxi dresses online . There were so many to pick from but I wanted to select something that was like nothing I had and the Sabrina with that fabulous cape caught my immediate attention .   I  just love the way that it swings when I walk it makes me feel so sophisticated , chic and little bit like Elvis in a good way.. LOL  . Do you remember seeing him make his grand entrance on the stage with the jumpsuit and cape it was so dramatic and he just commanded the attention of everyone when he walked into the room? Well honey that is how I feel when I wear this dress.

This is the perfect look to wear to an event or even on date night with your sweetie. I was impressed with the quality of the material . This dress will definitely get me through the holiday party season . What do you think of the cape ? Is it a trend you would try ?

My Look
Dress - GCGME
Shoes - Target ( old)
Clutch - Jessica Simpson via Meijer
Necklace - Apt 9  Kohl's

Thank so much as always for stopping by!

Mary aka Curlybyrdie

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Unslaved - A Store but so Much More

 As I was doing my normal routine of walking around the mall; my attention was drawn to an array of colorful skirts in the window. These skirts brought me into the store, but it was the inspiring story that made me fall in love with it. I had the pleasure of sitting down with the owner, Rhonda Patterson, for a conversation about the story behind this beautiful store.   When I sat down with her, I could tell she had a caring heart and that she was also very transparent. She really gave me insight on how much of an issue human trafficking is in other countries as well as the United States. The store stays true to her message. The name of the store is Unslaved  which means freedom of bondage and slavery and it just opened in Glenbrook Mall in Fort Wayne , Indiana .

Many of the pieces are handmade by survivors from various countries such as Africa , Sri Lanka    , Nepal and India.  I love how unique the clothing , jewelry and purses are. Yet, at the same time I also feel like I am supporting a wonderful cause when shopping in this store . Which is a lovely thing.

There is a picture of  the lovely couple who started it all inside the store,  Bruce and Rhonda Patterson who 8 years ago followed their passion of making a difference for those who have experienced human trafficking.  They gave up their homes, vehicles, and money all for the cause; however, she says it was the happiest time of their life. "We had never been at such peace and happiness until it was gone and our focus was on our passion." Sadly Bruce passed away about 5 months ago and wasn't able to see this part of their dream manifest. His presence is still very much apart of the store.

Rhonda`s dream doesn't stop at the store. She also has a clothing line that will be made by survivors. She also plans on starting  a line of active wear that features the individual  person`s story on the inside. "It`s not for everyone to see, It`s personalized for yourself."

Rhonda also plans to start a group for other survivors once a month so they can build a sisterhood that empowers each other. She is not afraid to share her story and help others that have gone through the same thing. 

This beautiful, strong, and compassionate woman uses her voice and her story to help other woman realize that they are not alone. There are people who understand and care.

 She left me with the words  "I`m not a victim, I`m a survivor."  and not only is she a survivor she is an inspiration to so many...myself included .

Please visit this fabulous store at Glenbrook mall or visit their facebook page here


                   So many fabulous items and reasonably priced all for a great cause

I can not express how much I love this beautiful skirt it a wrap skirt that can be worn many different ways including as a dress and it was only $29 . You really should visit this wonderful store you will love it as much as I do!

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                                                       Mary aka Curlybyrdie

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Olive Green times 3

It's that time of the week again.. it's Sunday so that means it time for me to put my fashionista skills to the test once again with the 3rd week of "One piece 3 ways! "   I am styling this simple olive green maxi dress which is a recent find from one of my goto stores Kohl's . This shade of this green  is one of my favorite colors to wear during this time of year. I love how versatile this dress is many styling options and that is exactly what this segment is about !

So lets get this fashion train rolling !

Look 1 - Workflow

As I said previously olive green is one of my favorite colors to wear this time of year but the other would have to be a deep Wine color . Nothing says fall like these colors to me  and when you put them together it was just a Magical combo!  I would totally rock these colors with animal print also but today honey it's all about these fabulous booties. I am totally in love with these gorgeous kicks so much so I think I need these in other colors also ..

Dress - Apt 9 - Kohl's
Booties - Apt 9 - Kohl's
Sweater - SO - Apt 9
Necklace - Jlo -Kohl's

Look #2 - Girl's Night Out

I love taking a simple dress and adding a little shine to add some glamour . I think nothing says glamour like Gold . I decided to add my Apt 9 choker necklace with my sexy gold gladiator style heels and small clutch and created the perfect sexy night out on the town look with minimal effort and I am all about that life .

Necklace - Apt 9 - Kohl's
Shoes - Jcpenney - sim
Clutch - Target

Look #3- Casually Boho

Who knew that I would become such a fan of Boho style in my 40's . In the past I have tended to gravitate to more of a glamour girl style but I have found an appreciation for this more romantic easy breezy style. I love me some fringe and I just thought this duster  was the perfect accessory to give this dress an entirely different look.

Duster - Carson's  ( clearance $14.99 )
Shoes - Jcpenney (sim)
Necklaces - New York and Company

Which was your favorite look this week?  Let me know and feel free to comment with any of your styling ideas

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