Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Pink and Pretty

I remember when I was a little girl I got this Barbie for Christmas called Pink and Pretty oh she was my favorite Barbie of all time partly because pink was my favorite color and she was sooo glamorous .I got that same excitement when I saw this beautiful pink skirt at you guessed it +JCPenney . I have such a love affair with their skirts and when I saw this one online I just knew it had to join my collection. This is the perfect spring skirt because of the beautiful color and you could dress it up like I have or simply wear a t-shirt or tank with sandals for a more casual feel.  This skirt will defiantly bring out the girly girl in you and make you feel all  Pink and Pretty just like Barbie. 

My Look

Skirt - Jcpenney Bisou Bisou $29.99 use code URSUPER to get $10 off 
Top - Jcpenney sim $21.99
Jacket - H&M $10 (old)
Necklace - H&M $5 old
Shoes - Kohl's Rock and Republic $24

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Oh Marilyn

When I found out Macy's had a Marilyn Monroe line I glanced at it online and than it finally came to my local Macy's I decide to check it out and I ended up getting this striped dress. I love how strategically the stripes are placed to make your waist look smaller . Even though this line is in the Juniors dept I found a lot of the pieces suitable for a woman in her 40's such as myself the skirts were at a respectable length and gave it a sexy vibe without being to revealing which is exactly where I am in my life.  I decided to this dress a little bit of modern flair by adding my Rock and Republic shoes that I picked up from Kohl's not that long ago and topped off the look with my super cute bag I scored off the Jcpenney clearance rack and my ode' to Marilyn was born.   

 In true Curlybyrdie fashion I was able to get this look without breaking the bank.  This dress was normally priced at $49.00 and I scored it thanks to my coupon for $20 .  It is perfect for a curvy body like the curvy girl herself Ms. Monroe. 

I love wearing dresses and pretty things and I love this quote because I am in total agreement.
I'm very definitely a woman and I enjoy it. ”
Marilyn Monroe

My Look -Marilyn Monroe - Macy's - $20
Shoes - Kohl's Rock and Republic sim - I paid $22 for mine
Bag - Jcpenney $20 on clearance


Sunday, March 15, 2015

Say Hello to my $6 pants

Happy Sunday my fellow Fashionista's ! I can't believe it is Monday eve already! It was a sunny day in the Hoosier state today and the perfect opportunity to rock my $6 crop pants that I picked up in the Juniors department at Macy's . These pants are made by American Rag and they are perfect. They did not cross that fine line of not being appropriate for this middle age woman because believe me my teenage daughter would have let me know with the quickness. I am very hesitant to try on pants in the junior but these were very generous in the bootie area which is so important with this pear shape.  I decided to wear this with a crop top and thick belt to cover my stomach area. To my surprise this matched this fabulous necklace that I purchased from +H&M some time ago. How are you Fashionista's transitioning into these warmer temps?  I would love to hear any tips or tricks

My Look
Pants - American Rag via Macy's sim
Top - Jcpenny ( old )
Jean Jacket - Target clearance $15
Bag- Jcpenney $29 clearance
Shoes - Simply Vera Kohl's

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Sunday is my Funday

We are now through our first week of  March and I am already getting spring fever. I know it's around the corner but until then I guess I will dress accordingly .  I found this jumpsuit at H&M that was priced so right at $19.95. Now at $19.95 I just had to give it a try .The tricky thing about jumpsuits with a pear shaped girl is sometimes it is difficult finding something that fits on the hips and also the top and I did run into this a little with this one . I made due and think that it is definitely worth me making a trip to a seamstress to make this little number a little more flattering  I added my Michael Kors trenchcoat that I  got from my local Clothes Mentor here in Fort Wayne. I was so excited to find this awesome jacket for only $40 how sweet is that? A Michael Kors trench coat for that a price like that?  I was over the moon and I went in there looking for a black jacket. I thought that a pop of animal print would set this look off nicely so I added my cheetah print booties and hat and this chic Sunday look was born!  How was your Sunday ? Are you fashionista's ready for Spring.

Also ladies don't forget that Clothes Mentor not only sells brand name items at discounted prices the also purchase those items that are in your closet that you are not wearing. Why not bring them in for cash or so new pieces to update your wardrobe? Sounds like a win win situation to me.


My Look
Jumpsuit - H&M  here $19.95
Trench Coat - Michael Kors via Clothes Mentor-Fort Wayne $40
Shoes - Style and Co (old)
Bracelet - H&M $1
Necklace - Jennifer Lopez via Kohl's here
Hat - Jcpenney

Monday, February 23, 2015

This Girl Loves Polka Dots

If you have been following my blog recently you would swear this girl has a slight obsession with polka dots. I just recently featured a lovely polka dot skirt that I found at Jcpenney (here). 

The  Red and Black high low skirt was my first purchase from this website She Inside.  I wasn't sure what to expect with the pricing being so cheap so I kept my fingers crossed . I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of this skirt however the sizing ran a little small . I love the big bold polka dots and the full skirt I felt so girly but still on trend with the high low skirt . I decided to pair this with my Worthington bow blouse that I picked up on the clearance rack at Jcpenney with my sexy Sam and Libby shoes from Tar-Jay aka Target and this chic polka dot girl was born!

Are  you Fashionista's loving polka dots like I do?

My Look
Skirt -She Inside $21
Top- Jcpenney $13
Shoes - Sam and Libby - Target - I got these for $13 in store
Bag-  Jcpenney (clearance)

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Navy and Leopard Print .. Reflection

What I love about putting looks together is you can try new things and you just find out you actually like it. Now I have matched Leopard print with black, tan, burgundy  and red but I can honestly say that it never occurred to me to partner this with navy blue.  I instantly fell head over heels in love with this Navy dress that I scored from Carson's some ago and had an equal love for these fabulous J-Lo shoes from +Kohl's and it ended up being a match made in heaven! Oh how I love trying new things and discovering that I actually like the results!

There was a particular shot that really spoke to me and where I am in my life right now.  It was the shot of me looking in the mirror smiling. At 42 years old I am finally at a point in my life that I can honestly say that I love the person that is looking back at me.  For so many years I focused on what I didn't like about myself and forgot about all those things that made me unique, the things that made me Mary . When I was in my twenty's I was so critical of myself hated my hair , my hips and my butt.. and guess what? Big hair , big hips and butts are no in style ..LOL!  All jokes aside all the things that I used to hate about myself make me the Curlybyrdie I am today and I like that Byrd.. more and more everyday. Embrace who you are because there is no one in this world that can be a better you than

My Look
Dress - Carson's $38
Shoes- Jennifer Lopez - Kohl's- $32
Necklace -Jennifer Lopez - Kohl's $13 had coupon
Bag- Jessica Simpson via Meijer $6

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Love at First Dot

There are the moments when you see something  and it's love at first sight and this skirt had me at Hello!  I knew I had to have it the minute that I saw it online at +JCPenney   . When I went to the store to try this sweet little number on I left it at there after my sister tried to convince me that I didn't need it but than I kept thinking about it so back to Jcpenney I went.   I can totally see me styling this so many ways this spring and I can't wait. 
 I remember back in day I would look in the Worthington section at Jcpenney's for some dress pants for work . Now I am all up in Worthington finding all kinds of cuteness!  I decided to style this with a simple fitted button down white blouse (Worthington also) add a wide belt and some booties and I felt like quite the Fashionista !   Have you ever went back for something that you just couldn't quit thinking about?

My Look
Skirt -Worthington via Jcpenney $27.99 use code FEBBONUS for 20% off
Blouse - Worthington via Jcpenney
Booties - Apt 9  Kohl's sim here
Bag - Lulu via Jcpenney