Friday, July 8, 2016

Give me a Triple

There have been many times that I have been pleasantly surprised when I try something on and this was most certainly the case when I put this jumpsuit on. When I first saw this jumpsuit from +Eccentric kristoure  I had no idea that  I would fancy this at all but that goes to show you must first try on! LOL. When I added a belt to this piece it gave me just the look I needed and the fabric makes it oh so comfortable and who doesn't want style plus comfort? 

I gravitate to things that I can style various ways and this jumpsuit is a simple piece with many possibilities and ladies you know we need options .. Just saying. 

                                                             Look 1 - Date Night 

I added some animal print shoes and clutch to give it a little sexiness . I love orange and red hues with animal print I just feel that it compliments it so well .  This look says I am ready for dancing and fun.

                                 Idris Elba you are here to pick me up? (A girl can dream right?) 

                                            Jumpsuit (here), Shoes (sim), Belt (sim)

                                                   Lunch Date 

This look tones down the sexiness keeps with the animal print theme but this time with the cognac colored belt.  I kept the pump at more neutral hue to create a perfect day look that isn't doing to much. 

                                                        Pumps -(here) , Belt (sim)

                                                     Weekend Look 

I just love a easy comfy look that still looks cute.  This casual boho inspired look is perfect for those weekend errands or perhaps a trip to the mall.  I added these fabulous fringe shoes that I have been dying to wear for awhile and my casual creation is born.

                                             Shoes -(here), Belt (here)

                                                      Which look is your favorite? Have you ever been pleasantly surprised when you tried on something that was totally out of your comfort zone?  Is this a piece that you think will work nicely in your wardrobe?  Use code CHIRPS at Eccentric Kristoure  for additional 10% now how sweet is that? 

As always I want to thank you so much for stopping by !  It's always my pleasure and have a safe and wonderful weekend .

                                                       XOXO Mary aka Curlybyrdie 

Sunday, July 3, 2016

A Fabulous 4th Weekend

This weekend was so much more than the regular forth of July festivities . I was extremely excited to see my daughter who had been away on the summer program at college.  It had been three weeks of me missing this girl and the simple things that we always did like going to the coffee shop or late night cups of coffee.. yes these ladies love they coffee! It was just a great feeling to have both my babies under the same roof just for a few nights. 

 While everyone is watching fireworks  I will be on the road with my babygirl taking her back to school and wouldn't have it any other way . 

While she was home and to much of her annoyance I had her snap a few photos of this beyond gorgeous skirt from my new favorite boutique  +Eccentric kristoure . This skirt is so swoon worthy I remember the first time I saw this online I fell in love instantly . I thought with the holiday weekend in effect I thought I would give it a little Forth of July flavor.  The quality material and gorgeous pattern makes this a piece that is defiantly worth the investment.  If you love this skirt or any other fabulous items from Eccentric Kristoure  you can save an additional 10% with the coupon code CHIRPS . I know you will love the selection as much as I do . 

                                                                 Details of Look 
                          Skirt - (here), Tank (here), Necklace (sim), Belt (sim), Shoes (here)

What I love about this look is that I was able to accessorize this look very inexpensively  . The tank was $2.00 the belt $9 and the necklace $5 all  from Kohl's and the fabulous  Carlos Santana shoes were priced at below $20 on the clearance rack at Macy's.  I am all about that clearance rack life . You are able to invest in the focal point this beautiful skirt and keep the cost down with the accessories .. It's all about balance :) 

As always I want to thank you for taking tine out of your busy day and stopping by!  I hope you are having a very happy holiday weekend be safe and enjoy the moments. 

                                                  XOXO Mary aka Curlbyrdie 

Monday, June 27, 2016

Fab 40's - Evening to Daytime

It is that time of the month again when I get the chance to collaborate with some pretty fabulous forty something Fashionista's for the " Fab 40's "  .  Every month we select a theme and we each create what that looks like to each of us. It is an awesome way to get our creative juices flowing and get inspired by each other.  

This month our them is "Evening to Daytime" . We each select a fancy night time piece and find a way to use that piece in a daytime look . Now how fun is that ?What a great way to increase the size of your closet and believe me anything that expands my closet sounds like a good idea to me. 

I decided to take this natural colored sequined pencil skirt that I picked up during the holiday season that I had never worn and decided to put this skirt of bling to use.  I wanted to give a casual chic vibe by adding an off the shoulder sweater with a choker and clogs.  I look forward to wearing this during the holiday season with gold perhaps or maybe with a graphic tee like my fellow  fab 40 girl Sheela ! 

                          Skirt - Carson's, Top- H&M, Shoes - Jessica Simpson, Bag- Jcpenney

                                  Now let's see the other " Fab 40's " take on this theme.
                                                Samantha - Fake Fabulous

I thought I would start out the the lovely Samantha because this months theme was her idea.  I love the idea because it is totally something I would have never thought of so that makes it even more fun. Samantha decided to use an occasion dress and turn it into a skirt.  I love the way that she totally created a different look . I love the casual chic vibe she created. I am telling you she has mastered the pattern mixing trend. 

                                        Vale - Fashion and Cookies
Vale is our guest blogger and her style made such an impression on me.  I love the feminine look with a little tasteful sexiness with the lace top and the shoes are to die for... Can we be friends? Love everything about this look ! 

                                      Sheela - Sheela Writes
Ok every month Sheela always amazes me with her creativity and her shoes.  I love the sequin pants paired with the graphic tee. So fun and chic! Love it 

                                 Diane - Fashion on the 4th Floor
I just love Diane's fun and fierce style. Her style reflects her zest for life and she makes everything look great. Who knew that  jean shorts , gym shoes and sequins could be so effortlessly chic! Amazing look my friend 

                                Jennie - A Pocketful of Polka Dots
   Jennie always has this way of making casual look fabulous .  I love the way she took this top with bling and brought it down a notch with the rolled up jeans and casually chic snakeskin shoes. I am always a fan ! 

                                     Ann-Kremb De La Kremb

I am loving the way Ann went full blown sequin on sequin and created this sporty look. She is certainly living up to the words on her tee " Life is Party dress like it " .. oh and I am going to need to get that shirt.  She totally embraced this month and I love it lady ! 

Well my fabulous friends how did you like this months theme? Is this something that you will try?  I love getting out my comfort zone and finding those combinations that I would have never even thought about . I love they way we as women can inspire each other. 

                As always I want to thank you for taking time out your busy day and stopping by! 

                                                       XOXO - Mary aka Curlybyrdie 

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Be Extraordinary

There are days when you just want to stand out and be noticed,  I mean sometimes I want to wear a fabulous dress or skirt that makes me  feel like a princess .  On most days  I am the typical 40 something mama picking up kids, running errands but there are days when i want to feel " Extraordinary " I find that wearing the perfect skirt of dress makes me feel that way it gives me a little extra pep in my step and this skirt certainly did that for me :) 

The great thing about skirts you have the option of changing up the look with various top choices .   You can take a dressy skirt and add a denim shirt and make it more casual or if you want to go full red carpet you can add strapless top and statement necklace to give it that wow factor.  So many options and ladies don't we need options ?  We never  know which hat we are going to need to wear on that particular day. 

This pattern yellow skirt just gives me life and the way that it was blowing in the wind had  this fashionista feeling like I was J-LO in a music video .. and ladies don't we all want to feel like a celebrity sometimes ? This skirt the "Yvette" is another gorgeous piece from +Eccentric kristoure . The selection is just impeccable the hardest thing about shopping online at this boutique is narrowing down your choices .. The great news is they are kind enough to give my readers 10% with coupon code CHIRPS.   

Skirt - Eccentric Kristoure (here),Top - Jcpenney (old) , Pumps -Target (here)

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you have a fabulous week and don't forget to 
"Be Extraordinary"

XOXO - Mary aka Curlybyrdie

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Virtual Dressing Room - Kohl's

I just love shopping and the dressing room experience is my favorite part. I know many would disagree but I feel like it's my opportunity to try new things and be pleasantly surprised. I feel like the "Dressing Room " is my Oyster and I may just find a pearl.. LOL ! I know corny but that's so me a Cornball !  So for you ladies that hate the dressing room I am bringing it to you from the comfort of your computer.. :) 

I wanted to share my dressing room favorites this week from of my favorite stores +Kohl's .  I am focusing on Dresses and a few skirts because as you know this girl loves her some dresses ! 

Kohl's is perfect for the Fashionista on a budget like myself . The coupons ,the Early and Late bird deals and Kohl's cash make for some pretty amazing deals !  

Let's talk about my favorites at Kohl's right now !

                                                        Patterned Midi's 

I just love a midi dress they are classy and feminine. I thought these dresses were perfect for the office , church or a wedding. So they all can be used for that functional summer dress for almost any occasion.  All three of these ran pretty true to size just FYI 

    Lauren Conrad striped -(here)          Floral Elle - (here)                  Elle Pink Dot - in store 

                                                            Floral Fun 

It is certainly a must for me to have floral dress for warmer temps or should I say several . As you can see from the last floral that this girl has a serious problem making up her mind.  This is just few of fabulous floral choices at +Kohl's  right now . I liked all three of these but my favorite would be the center Candies dress. I feel like it 's pretty but a little bit of sexy perfect for that summer date night.  The third dress  the JLO dress was beautiful in color but I don't think it was that flattering on this pear shape but maybe with the help of a belt I could pull it off. 

      Simply Vera (here)                          Candies -(here)                          Jennifer Lopez -(here)

                                                           Striped Skirts 

I just think stripes make everything more interesting and when they are strategically placed they can kind of contour your body . I feel that Kohl's got the memo on that with this little skirt. This skirt is perfect to just throw on with a tank top and still look fashionable and put together . I need easy and effortless pieces it just makes my life a little bit easier 

              Multi Color skirt (here)                                         Black and White skirt (here)

                                                        Chambray Dress

The classic look of denim is one of my favorites and I love the lighter chambray in the warmer months.  This dresses possesses all the elements I love in a casual cute dress .  First of all it's A-line and ladies you know that A- line is almost every girls friend.  I love the length I don't feel I am in danger of giving anyone a peep show and lastly I love the little open back area that still allows you to wear a bra and at this point of my life that is a must ! This dress runs a little big I actually went a size down when I tried this on.    So you need to say yes to this dress.. I'm just saying :) 

                                                               LC Lauren Conrad dress (here)


        How about you lovely ladies do you enjoy trying on clothes when you go out shopping? Where do you like to shop for those fabulous summer dresses that are friendly to your purse ? Comment below I would love to know . 

    Thank you for taking time out your day to visit little ole me! It's always a pleasure and tune in next week for another virtual dressing room experience.  Have a great week and stay frugal and fabulous .. LOL :) 


                                                        XOXO -Mary aka Curlybyrdie


Sunday, June 19, 2016

The Love of Color

I think I was born with a bright and colorful soul! There is something about bold and vibrant colors that just make my heart smile . Beautiful color can make what just seems like an ordinary piece of clothing way more exciting.  The luxurious feel of this fabric gives these maxi's the glamour effect without doing to much. It is the perfect addition to your wardrobe. 

These maxi dresses have great flow and lines but it is he beautiful colors that really made me fall in love . The rich purple and vibrant orange just takes this maxi to another level . I really couldn't decide which one I fancied more so when in doubt you get them both. LOL . These are two dresses that will defiantly make a statement however you decide to style them.  

                                                    When Purple Rains 


Orange you Glad 

If you love these gorgeous maxi's as much as I do check out +Eccentric kristoure  and their fabulous selections of Maxi dresses (here) and you can even take 10% off with coupon code CHIRPS 

As always I want to thank your for stopping by ! It's always such a pleasure :)

XOXO Mary aka Curlybyrdie