Saturday, August 22, 2015

Perfect Saturday

I just love Saturday Mornings especially when the weather is beautiful . This Saturday I was able to have breakfast with my baby girl, well I guess she`s 17 so I suppose she is just a little past the baby stage . This is one of the rare moments that I'm not in a hurry. We got to sip on our coffee, eat our French toast and quiche( which by the way was the bomb.), and just talk about life . She is a senior in high school and I know these will soon be rare moments when she goes away to college, and believe me I get choked up every time I  think about it.  There is something about daughters . My son is a serious Mama's boy, but at 14 he really is starting to get more into the high school social scene. ( Lawd help me ) However, daughters are like your best friend; they connect more to you emotionally especially when you get past those early teen years.  Our relationship is kind of like that show that used to come on called Gilmore girls .. remember the mom is more flighty and fun loving .. the daughter very intellectual with a level head... that would be us all the way.   I admire her in so many ways she makes me so proud.  It's like a caterpillar growing wings and getting ready to fly .. I see you butterfly and Mama is proud.

My Look

Skirt - Jones New York - Carson's
Top - Marshall's $10
Necklace - Steve Madden - Carson's
Shoes - Express (sim)


                                 I hope you are having a perfect Saturday and thanks for stopping by!

                                                          XOXO Mary aka Curlybyrdie


Thursday, August 20, 2015

Spots , Dots and Culottes

I think one of the benefits of me starting a fashion blog is that I have gotten  a lot bolder with my fashion choices and confidant to try new things. Which is s win win. Now back in the day  I would have never even thought about mixing polka dots with animal print .. now it's like a way of life for me. .. LOL .. I fell in love with these culottes the first time I saw them on someone on instagram.  They are so comfortable and a wonderful material that doesn't require ironing  and with a busy Mama like me that means everything because I not all about that ironing life.  I just love how all these fabulous trends that I once loved seem to making there way back into my life and into my closet thanks to stores like Jcpenney is you can get those on trend pieces for an awesome deal . I actually snagged this pants for well under $20 and I will be taking these babies into the fall with me by just adding some booties and a turtleneck .. how cute will that be?

How about you Fashionista's? What trends are you excited to be incorporating into your fall wardrobe?

My Look
Culottes - Worthington  via Jcpenney
Blouse - Black Label via Jcpenney
Shoes - Target
Bag - Ann Klein via Carson's

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Maxi Transition

Just when I thought I bought all the maxi dresses I need this fabulous thing made me stop dead in my tracks at +JCPenney  in the Juniors dept. I can't wear everything in that department but a piece like this is perfect for this 40something Fashinista.. not to tight or to short .  Now I promised myself that I would not purchase anything that I can' transition into the fall months and the deep rich colors on this dress makes that an easy task. This time of the year I am looking at pieces that have deeper hues that make it fall ready . I decided to wear this with my Steve Madden shooties that make perfect transition shoes for the cooler weather.  I really think that is a floppy hat dress giving you that boho vibe which I am totally in love with. The beautiful thing about this little number it was less than $20 thanks the $10 of $25 coupon (here)

How are you fashionista's transitioning into the fall? Please share

My Look
Dress - Jcpenney Olsenboye
Necklace - The Limited $10
Bag - H&M ( old)
Shoes- Steve Madden via Macy's (old)
Hat - H&M $10

Monday, August 10, 2015

Monday - A New Beginning

The wonderful thing about life is everyday that you wake up you have the chance to have  a do over.  If yesterday you didn't get a chance to complete everything you wanted to or you  fell of the band wagon in a area in your life every morning you have a chance to get it right . Like my Mom always said you can't change the past use each mistake as a lesson to better the next day. It took me many years to understand that but better late than never .

I had such a wonderful weekend but I didn't realize it at the time if that makes any sense. LOL . My Mom had a Garage sale . She was able to get rid of  some things and was able to get money while doing it.. I sat there with her Saturday and the best part of the day was when a very nice woman came not looking for clothes ran across some cute items that my Mom had on a table and than I directed her to the rack where I introduced her to this pretty white dress and she fell in love instantly . You have no idea how much satisfaction that brought me.  I love helping other Women find their pretty because I know the hats we all wear believe me I wear way to many for my comfort sometimes and we tend to forget about ourselves . I came to the realization that is ok to put yourself first sometimes because when you take care of you than you can be so much better in other areas of  our life..  I also created a vision board for a 30 day challenge group I am involved with. I have never done  one of these in my life and what started out as something else  I had to do turned into a fun project that really brought my dreams to life .

With it being 2nd week of August the Fall has been on my mind when it comes to fashion. As good as the sales are I refuse to by any article of clothing that I cannot transition into the cooler fall temps.  This global pattern maxi that I got from H and M at the reasonable price of $12  was a must have for this frugal fashionista . . I decided to go with a denim shirt and some wedges and adding a thick belt to singe in the waste. I found that when you are pear shape as myself that a belt really accentuates your waistline and balances everything out .  I used to hate these hips and thighs believe me but I learned to accept them and embrace what I viewed as my flaws .

My Look
Skirt - H and M  ( now $10)
Top - Kohl's ( old)
Belt - H&M $7
Shoes - Macy's (old)

Have a Wonderful week and new beginning!

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

My Garden Party Dress and 5 fun Facts

I am still trying to get over the fact that it is August.. You know what that means getting close to putting the summer dresses and sandals away.. .. well maybe not put them totally away but learning how to transition them into the fall. I think it is the perfect way to get those creative juices flowing and it keeps things interesting

I know in the post I am typically just talking about my great finds and fashion and believe I defina4tley will be giving you the details on this super cute dress that I did pick up on a deal of course .. but I also wanted you to get to know me outside of my fashion box . So I decided to fill you in on 5 things that you didn't know about me. Nothing to heavy just a few fun facts.

1 ) I was petrified of birds since I was a little girl- I know this is crazy especially since my last name is Byrd.. but there was nothing more frightening than flock of birds landing anywhere close to me.... I still cringe!

2)I am a huge fan of Elvis Presley- True story you can blame that on my Mama considering that was the only music she played in the house growing up. We loved him so much we went to Memphis to see Graceland.. stayed in the Heartbreak Hotel .. ate at the Elvis Presley restaurant - yes we were pretty obsessed

3) I hated my Curlyhair growing up.- I wasted tons of money and time getting my hair relaxed and straightened every 2 weeks for years.  It was in my late 30 's that I embraced my big ole hair it's so funny the 2 things I disliked about myself ends up being my blogger identity .

4) My nickname is Sissy I mean my entire family call me this down to my nieces and nephews who call me Aunt Sissy . Some of my sisters friends even call me Sissy to this day .

5) My celebrity crush from 15 till now is the talented George Michael.. ok I know he doesn't like women but in my mind.. he is my one and only true love.. LOL . I bet you didn't see that one coming .

Let's move on to the details of this look of the day . This dress is made by Taylor which I am finding myself loving their dresses more and more. I was lucky enough to find this baby at Steinmart . I have recently rediscovered this store and what I love about them they have discounted items that are currently is stores such as Nordstrom's at a much higher price . This dress was normally $138 and I ended up getting it for $22 at Steinmart now what sweet deal . I think they will definitely see more of this Curlybyrdie . I love the deep red color which make it a dress that can transition easily into the fall by adding a jean jacket and booties or perhaps a leather moto jacket to give it some edge which made that $22 an even better deal!

My Look
Dress Just Taylor Steinmart
Shoes - Express - sim
Hat - Jcpenney sim
Necklace NY and Company

How are you Fashionista's planning your transition to cooler temperatures?


Sunday, August 2, 2015

New Month, New Week and New Dress!

I seriously can not believe that it is already August and my kids are back in school next week!  I just feel like the summer just flashed by so quickly.. This will be the beginning of my son's high school experience and my daughter is a senior this year.. All I want to know is how do they keep getting older and I just keep getting younger.. LOL 

I am so excited to be start this month and week off with my Momentum Monday call. If you need a call to get you fired up to inspire you to think big in every area in your life than this definitely is a call that  you should be on.  This a call is designed for big thinkers individuals that want encouragement to live their best life and follow their dreams .I have been on all of these calls and each time I hang up I am truly inspired. I feel like I just have added a few more tools to my belt to build the life that I was destined to live.  You can join the Momentum Monday Facebook page here.

I thought since I am very excited to start this month off I thought I would highlight this special dress. It's special because I have seriously been stalking this dress for months.  It is made by Julia Jordan NYC and I was actually introduced to this brand by my sis and have been obsessed ever since. I just love the style and the quality . Now when it first came to my attention it was $158 and this frugal fashionista couldnt' even go there .. so I waited and finally able to score this baby for $59 from Carson's . This dress is just perfect.. the color the style I am definitely smitten with this one.

Are you Fashionista's happy it's August  ?  Do you have anything that you are excited about?

My Look

Dress - Julia Jordan Carson's
Shoes - Target
Gold Shoes - Jcpenney

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

My Dress Recap

Now sometimes when I do blog posts and there are looks that somehow don't make it to a blogpost for one reason or another.  I think that if I posted everything I wore every single day I would be posting non stop and lets face it this is one busy lady. Between kids, work and trying to handle everything else as a single Mom my time is very limited. So I thought I would do a brief  recap of 2 of my favorite looks over the last week or so and can you believe that they both are dresses... imagine that.. As you know I am totally a girly girl.. a dress girl, a modern day June Cleaver.. LOL !  So without  further ado here they are .

The first dress  I wanted to highlight is  a near perfect LBD by Calvin Klein and I wish I could take credit for finding this beauty but it was my  lil sister ... aka mini me.. aka single black female  (if you seen that movie than you know what I mean LOL)who found this dress on Carson's website and it was it was marked down to yellow dot with additional 30% off ... uh yes add to Cart for the 2 curly sisters. I just love the classic silhouette  and the hint of sexiness with the cutouts. I added a statement necklace with my favorite Anne Klein bag and my classy sexy look was born.

My Look - Modern Day June Cleaver
Dress -Calvin Klein - Carson's - from July 29- Aug 1 use code DOTBTSJLY15 for 30% off yellow and black dot
Bag - Anne Klein - Carson's sim
Shoes - Mossimo - Target
Statement Necklace - New York and Company ( old)

My 2nd look is totally opposite it is more of a boho look that I am finding out that I am liking more and more . I fell in love with the colors of this dress they are vibrant but still has a romantic vibe.  I wanted to add some cute nude wedges and most of all a  hat. This is a perfect look for those downtown festivals and to think I was able to run across this beauty for only $10 in store  ... Woot Woot and what makes this even better this dress could totally be transitioned to fall with the help of some tan booties .. I can't wait to restyle this fabulous frock for cooler temperatures .

My Look -Romantic Coachella Look

Dress - H and M- this is reg price online. Try your local store for clearance price
Sandals - Express - sim
Bracelet- NY and Company (sim)

              It's fun to change up your style up once in awhile. Which one is your favorite?

                                                Have a Wonderful rest of the week
                                                             Stay Fabulous

                                         XOXO Mary aka Curlybyrdie