It is October my favorite time of the year pumpkin spice  everything season  , time to get that fall wardrobe on point and most importantly it is my birthday month ! Woot Woot ! Can you tell that I am excited or nah? LOL  Well in celebration of me turning 43 I thought it would be a perfect time to host a giveaway and how appropriate would be  that it  would be a gift card to no other than Jcpenney that they were kind of enough to offer and a style session with little ole  me "Curlybyrdie".  Now if you follow my blog than you know how much  fabulousness  $150 can get you at Jcpenney  and darlings if you don't know than I will be there to walk  you though the sea of deals coupons and all!

    Even before I had the pleasure of being a Jcpenney Muse for the Jcpenney Spring Lookbook    I have been a loyal shopper for years,  ask any of the sales people they are familiar with the three Curlybyrdie's  (me and my sisters) and lets not forget about the Mama bird  ,after all she is the one that started this whole thing.. LOL  I mean if we needed a dress for Easter , Christmas, Wedding .. any occasion than it was off to Jcpenney we went ..and little has changed  it's seriously my family hangout !

Now because I live in Fort Wayne , Indiana I will be doing the style session at my local Jcpenney . So all entries should be local to the area so that I am able to meet with the winner for the  session.. I  beyond excited and can't wait to meet with the lucky lady for a day of fashionista fun at the place to be Jcpenney!   Please see Rafflecopter below for entry details. This contest runs until October 21 and I will make the announcement on my birthday October 22!  So good luck everyone I can't wait to meet you!
Here are just a few looks from my fashion love affair with Jcpenney !

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