What a fun week this has been on Curlybyrdie Chirps... What a great way to celebrate my birthday week sharing my looks with such a breathtaking skirt. If I had to pick my favorite look I would say it was this one. I wanted to style this with a colorful top something to enhance the pink in skirt and what girl doesn't like pink  ? I really was concerned about the top matching this skirt but I found that it was flowed nicely . Just like life.. it's not always perfect but most of the time it just seems to work out. 

I really enjoyed this particular post for many reasons.  The first being the obvious having the opportunity to styles such a gorgeous garment.  Not only was the skirt just beautiful it was wonderful wearing something hand made, high quality and unique. I felt young, vibrant and like a princess in this skirt its hard not to with such fabulousness blowing in the wind.   When I spoke with Yemi the designer and owner behind Stylenspire and asked her what her inspiration behind the name of her shop she said " I wanted to highlight the fact that women who look beautiful,; dress beautifully, are also beautiful from inside out. Hence the name, Stylenspire.  " I am totally inspired!

Secondly I enjoyed working with such an awesome photographer Kim from KB Photo that I now consider my friend.  I laughed and joked but most importantly she knew exactly what I was looking for even when I wasn't quite sure ! 

What I have learned in my 2 years of blogging is I am inspired everyday by someone.. readers , designers , photographers , family members and bloggers . We all have passions in life mine just so happens to be fashion it always has been that way ever  since I had those little fashion plates my Mom got me when I was bout 8 ... it never stopped . I loving finding deals and sharing with my readers but what I love the most is helping another woman feel pretty or give them a little pep in their step because they walked out the door with confidence in that $20 dress they thought they couldn't wear.

My Look
Skirt - Stylenspire
Top - Jcpenney  (perfect staple )
Shoes - Express
Bracelet - Sylca Designs

                              I hope you enjoyed this post .. Which look did you like the best ?

                                            Thank you for stopping by my luvs!

                                              XOXO- Mary aka Curlybyrdie