I just love a relaxing Sunday with plenty of sunshine  it truly makes for a better end of  a weekend. Now this coming week it not typical one for me it's the week leading up to my 43rd birthday .  Am I down about getting a year older ? The answer is no not at all.. I keep praying that 43 will as awesome at 42 was .  I am proud of the accomplishments I made this past year and I have some personal goals that I will be focusing on this coming year. I will talk about that the closer I get to that special day ! 

On Sunday I love to be casual but that doesn't mean it has to boring. Believe  me I have those sweatpants types of days but I really felt like doing a little extra today  .   I have been wanting  to wear this poncho that I got from Jcpenney's awhile ago and I thought this sunny fall day would be the perfect opportunity.  I always get paranoid wearing white or cream because it would be just like this clumsy girl to spill something right on the front of this so there will be no eating or drinking in this .

I decided to accessorize this perfect poncho with this leather like bracelet with gold chain and beading that I recently got from this fabulous Mother and Daughter ran online jewelry boutique Sylco Designs .  When they let me pick out a piece from their line I was very excited but the hard part was narrowing it down to one because these pieces are like art . The quote on their website really sums up these gorgeous pieces

“Nature meets design through the use of recycled wood ,shells, and natural dyes. The result? Eco-chic handcrafted jewelry that’s powerful and transformative” – Sylca Designs

I am such a fan of ethnic style clothing and jewelry and these pieces have Native American,, Mediterranean and  African inspiration and I am all about that life.  

Sylca  Designs has been kind enough to extend a discount of  20 % to all my readers by using code CBC20 .    I am quite sure that you will have the same problem I did just picking one. 

My Look
Poncho -Worthington Jcpenney  Womens'  , Plus
Bracelet - Sylca here
Necklace - Chaps via Kohl's
Boots- Madden via DSW
Bag Jcpenney

                    As always I want to thank you for stopping by it's much appreciated

                                         XOXO Mary aka Curlybyrdie