I can't believe that this is my first post of 2016 ! My mom used to tell me as you got older time would just seem to go faster and faster and honey she was not lying because this year just flew by !  I know some people don't make resolutions but with this being the beginning of the year it seems like the perfect time to make some life changes.  Now I haven't committed to anything too crazy but there are few things that require immediate attention.. like my shopping budget !  Oh yes Lawd !  this is something that I have to address immediately.  If you visit my blog often than you know I am that I always about that finding deal life but just because I get something dirt cheap it isn't necessary for me to partake in every deal.. LOL . So I have decided to limit myself to a $50 a month clothing allowance and when I say clothing allowance that includes accessories , shoes and clothes.  Can it be done? I know it can be and I am looking forward to shopping my own closet and getting more creative with my looks .

I decided to make my first post of the year all about getting more bang for the buck by styling this gorgeous jackets 3 ways . I scored this jacket for $20 after coupon from +Jcpenney a while ago and fell in love with the floral pattern . I knew it would have many styling options so that $20 sounds even more like a deal ! 

LOOK #1 -   Jacket (here)  Jumpsuit (sim), Shoes (here), Purse (sim), Glasses (here)

I had this pink JLO  jumpsuit from +Kohl's  over a year ago and had never worn it .. I know that is a shame but to be honest it was kind of snug and I purchased it saying I would drop a few pounds and wear it .. Well a year later I have a dropped a few and was able to fit into it.. although it's kind of snug in the bootie area but it was great with this jacket .


I love this basic dress because it is such a great foundation piece for many different looks and this burgundy color has been one of my favorites though the fall and winter season plus it goes well with this beautiful bag I got for Christmas

 This is my favorite look. I love the pattern mixing trend and this is something that is out off my comfort zone. I am such a sucker or black and white and added that burgundy bag for just a pop of color. Now I picked up the pants in my local +Target   store for $7 so you should definitely try there if you want these pants !

Which look was your favorite?  Do you have any life changes you are making for the New Year? I would love to hear about them!
Thank you so much for stopping by !
XOXO Mary aka Curlybyrdie