In my over 2 years of blogging I have take a lot of photos but my experience at Le Petite studios was something very new it was a full fledged glam session and if you know me than you know I am all about that life.  Who doesn't want to feel like BeyoncĂ© once in while ? LOL.  The studio is amazing so charming and chic and the photographer Casey Brothers makes you feel comfortable the moment you walk in the door.

I started out with hair and makeup by the gorgeous Gina who is also the creator of blog Pretty Phases or check her out on her You Tube channel here.  She did a fantastic job on a girl who normally doesn't wear makeup . I think this beauty convinced me that I should more often.

  Not only was this a photo shoot it was a total glam experience and don't we as women want to feel
glamorous . We take care of everyone all the time sometimes you just have to celebrate yourself and release that inner J-LO , BeyoncĂ©  or Kate Upton ..Lol.



                      My Absolute favorite a J- LO moment! Who says 43 can't be fabulous

If you are interested in a Glam experience than check out the facebook page here for a special . I promise you it will be an awesome experience.
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XOXO - Mary aka Curlybyrdie