As I look back at the past year I can hardly believe that this was actually my life!  I can remember in January when my stepfather passed away and my family was grieving I can remember saying that I was going to make something good come out of this year and I think that maybe I spoke that into existence. 

The whole collaboration with Jcpenney's is what really kicked off this year of wonderful experiences . It was that experience that proved to me that no matter what size , what age or your the size of your bank account no one can stop you from dreaming or achieving.  I never in million years would have thought that I would be in NYC ( which BTW I had never been ) or doing a photo shoot in a well known photo studio. I never would have thought that it would have been an option for this 40 something single mother of 2 but it happened .  This was the confidence builder that I needed and let me know that someone cared about what I was doing !

Jcpenney 2015 Spring Campaign

I feel that this was just the beginning as far as opportunities were concerned . It opened many doors and most importantly it put a belief in myself that I had never experienced before and for that I am most thankful .  Please see some great moments in 2015

                                                       Women's Empowerment Event - Indianapolis

                                                      Featured on Fashion Bomb Daily (here)

Featured on Fabulous After 40 (here)
                                      There were some features and Collaborations!

                                       Curlybyrdie was in the News ! (here) and (here)

                And then there was that one day I was retweeted by my all time favorite style Icon J-LO!

And last but certainly not least there is this project called " I Choose to Be 2016" were I have teamed up with this talented photographer Casey Brothers from Le Petite Studios and other local businesses right here in Fort Wayne , Indiana . We are selecting 12 deserving women that have faced some sort of adversity in their life a complete makeover and photo shoot.   See video below

I would like to introduce you to Denise Hancz- Barron our January woman . She is an amazing woman " A Survivor " Please see her story at link below and you will also have the opportunity to donate for this awesome cause .

Meet Denise

I would like to thank you anyone who has ever visited my blog. I want you to know it is greatly appreciated . I can certainly say that 2015 started off devastating for my family with this loss of Dave my Stepfather but I think perhaps that grief forced me to look at life a little different . It showed me that tomorrow is not promised .. Don't live in fear .. Live and out Loud.