There is something about the pink and black combo that I just love . The softness of the pink mixed with chicness of black make it a great meeting of two dimensions.  I loved mixing it up in my final look using these amazing pink pieces.  

In this look I went for a more casual vibe something that you can take from lunch to the movies
or maybe a shopping day with the girls.  I love laying because I feel like you have everything you need for any givin situation. I decided to use a polka top that I had from a 2 pc outfit and put a button down with smaller dots to create a casually chic look. 

My Look
Jacket - Forever 21 (here)
Shoes - Kohl's (sim)
Shirt - Apt 9 Kohl's (here)
Bag - Carson's (sim)

Well this is my last look with these Pink pumps and Gorgeous jacket ! Which one did you like the best?  I am kind of torn .. I love the floral but there is something about black and pink..

I hope you have a having a wonderful weekend and thanks for taking time out your day to visit!

                                    XOXO - Mary aka Curlybyrdie