Some would call February the month of love because of Valentines day . We all get so caught up in the roses , candy and gifts . All those things are very pretty and fun to receive but I think it is the perfect time to love on yourself a little more. Why not begin by writing letter to yourself listing all things that you think are pretty  darn amazing about YOU .  Or perhaps taking a Saturday morning and to sleep in a little longer enjoy that coffee while staying bed and watching a marathon of your favorite shows. That would be a Sex in the City marathon in my case.. with some Dunkin Donuts coffee ... just sayin!

Love begins entirely with the way that you love the most important person in you life that would be YOU

                        "To love oneself is the beginning of a life-long romance”
                                                                                                      – Oscar Wilde

Taking care of your of health is such a huge part of loving on you.  February 5 is National Go Red Day !  Heart disease is the No.1 killer of women ,causing 1 out of 3 deaths every year. You can support GO Red by participating in National Wear Red day on Feb 5 .  As women we have to recognize the symptoms and know our risks here.  It is important that you schedule your Well Woman Visit  an annual checkup that spot the early signs of heart disease. There is such a presence of this disease in my family that you can believe that I will have my Red on this coming Friday .

Red Dress - Sim (here)
Shoes - Forever 21 (here) such a steel these were and comfy!

photo cred Curt Henderson (here)

                 How are you planning on showing yourself love this month?I want to thank you for              taking time out of your day and stopping by it's always appreciated.

                                                 XOXO - Mary aka Curlybyrdie!