I can honestly say that 2016 has really started out quite fabulous . I can't begin to convey the excitement I feel about the " You Go Girl " project.  What started out as a chance meeting with the talented photographer Casey Brothers of Le Petite studios has turned into a beyond wonderful experience.

The " You Go Girl " project is awarding 12 women who have been through  or currently going through some sort of adversity in their life .  We were honored that Women's Health Advantage one of the largest providers of women's health care in Northeast Indiana shared our belief in this project and signed up to be our main sponsor which is such a blessing to our cause. We want to grant these women with a day to feel glamorous with a new wardrobe, hair and makeup , a pampering session finishing off with model like photo shoot so she can see the beauty within .

 I have the pleasure of getting to know a pretty awesome woman through our " You Go Girl " project .   Her name is Denise Hancz Barron our January " You Go Girl " . She is not only beautiful on the outside but her soul and spirit are just as gorgeous.  Denise was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer not quite a year ago . She went through countless surgeries and overcame obstacles that many thought were impossible . But it was here faith and sheer determination that really made the difference  .   When getting this project moving with Casey and now Lori at Women's Health Advantage I knew that I wanted to make a difference in these women's lives but I didn't understand what a difference they would make in mine.  I have been inspired by this wonderful woman's will to survive , her strength and her loving heart and I think Denise is the perfect January "You Go Girl "

                                                                Beautiful Denise - January "You Go Girl"


Denise is a true inspiration to me and I am so honored to now call her my friend!   If you know a lady that has been through some sort of adversity that you feel deserves to treated to a day of full out glamour you can nominate or donate at www.yougogirlproject.com 
Photo credit - Casey Brothers Le Petite Studios
Makeup and Hair -Merle Norman Luxe
Wardrobe- Styled by Curlybyrdie
Fitnesss Package - The Fitness Studios
And special thanks to our supporters who donated to our Go Fund Me Page !
More about our project on 21 alive (here)

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       XOXO - Mary aka Curlybyrdie