I just love the Valentines Day season and I think due to the entire red and pink theme . They are like two of my favorite colors to wear so when there is like almost entire month or so dedicated to those hues than how can I not indulge ? 

I just love the color pink it just says romantic and feminine and that is just so much of my personality and feel like this look really captures that.  The bright and vibrant bubble gum pink really got my  attention when surfing the clearance rack at my local Jcpenney but the price of $3.97 (and that was before the coupon )stopped this Curly girl right in her tracks.. I said " Oh yes this will be my Valentine to myself " I will totally wear this with jeans , white slacks , a navy skirt.. Now what is better than getting a cute blouse for under $4 ? Well finding many ways to style it of course .  This girl is up for that challenge !

    My Look
    Blouse- Jcpenney sim (here)
    Skirt - Forever 21 sim (here)
   Pink Pumps - 6pm sim ((here)

                                                       Photo Cred- Ray Steup Photography (here)

                                                       Photo Cred-Rick Miller (here)
                                                      Photo Cred -Shannon's Photography (here)

                                               Photo Cred -  Curt Henderson (here)

                                                     Photo Credit - Luna Photography

As always I want to thank you for stopping by and don't forget the most important Valentine in your life and thank is you.. Show yourself some love weather it be a pretty new top , a massage or maybe take a few minutes and look in the mirror and tell that reflection all the sweet things she needs to hear.....
                                           XOXO - Mary aka Curlybyrdie