In case you didn't read my last post I wanted to let you in some information. Curlybyrdie has put her self on a shopping budget .. I can only spend $50 a month on clothes . Since that revalation I am constantly looking for ways to get more use out of items that I have in my closet and items that I am thinking about purchasing . I am starting to lean towards the sleeker simple items that I can build upon.  So I started with a fabulous LBD and created a sophisticated look .

When ran across these bright pink Jessica Simpson shoes on Carson's website and they were marked down to about $25 and I am totally smitten with these perfect pink pumps shoes and they are comfortable as far as heals are concerned. I also the same week I found this pink jacket at Forever 21 and I couldn't wait to style these perfect pink pieces of heaven together . Wow that's a tongue twister.. Perfect Pink Pumps.. say that fast about 10 times...LOL 

 I came up with 3 different looks and I am confident that I could come up with even more highlighting these pieces. . So Fashionista's the color pink is taking center stage on this post and I love it!

I will start out with a look that would be a perfect date night look. I use this super chic dress that I got from Forever 21 also for the magical price of $9 .. Ummm yes please I will take it !

My Look
Pumps - sim - $25 (what I paid )
Jacket - (here) - $15 (in store )
Dress - (sim) - $9 ( my dress is out of stock)
Necklace - Christmas gift from my Aunt and Uncle
Purse - Jessica Simpson via Meijer $6

Mirror Mirror on the wall .. I am not a Kardashian after all ~LOL

Well this is my first look featuring this pink jacket and these sweet pumps. I can't wait to show you how else I styled these !

As always I want to think you for visiting my blog and I am looking forward to what's ahead of us in 2016 .
Photo Credit - Kim Bailey of KB Photo

                                               Much Love .. Mary aka Curlybyrdie