If there is one thing that I have learned in my 40's is to try different things you might be pleasantly surprised and find out you actually  like it .  I am not going to lie when I first saw this track pants trend with the heels I wasn't sure how I felt about it and than I tried this pants from the Who What Wear collection at Target and I fell in love. Target always has a way with just pulling you in don't they? They convince you that you need all types of things that you never knew that you did ..LOL.   I love the casual pant mixed with a dressed up blazer or blouse .. It's kind of like that whole sweet and salty thing . You get to have the comfort element with the pants and adding dressier top you are giving it a more put together vibe.  I can say I am now a fan. 

I wasn't sure exactly how I was going to style these pants but than I remembered this amazing yellow vest I had and adding the lace button up I thought it made a perfect chic combo.  I would totally wear this just about anywhere .. I love pieces that are easily dressed up or down it just makes life a whole lot easier and it makes your wardrobe appear a bigger and I am all about that life. 

I just love the slight flare with the slit so you can actually show off those fabulous block heels that also came from TarJay! 

As I mentioned on a Instagram post I am absolutely in love with he lace button down I posted the black on earlier this week. I had to go grab the white one.. Nothing like a crisp white shirt and this has lace on it! Oh yesss! 

                            Track Pant's (here) Plus (here), Shirt (here) Shoes (sim), Bag (here)
So are you Fashionista's on board for the track pants trend?  Well I am here for it ! I am looking forward to styling these super cute pants various ways! 

Well thank you for stopping by it means so much to me ! Here's to a wonderful week and to trying new things! 

                                                   XOXO Mary aka Curlybyrdie