Well it's that time of the month that get to collaborate with my Fashionista friends the Fab 40's.  The Fab 40's are a group of International bloggers that come together once a month and give their interpretation of the theme that is selected every month .  

Well much to my delight the theme that was selected by the fabulous Sheela was " Princesses" . I am such a girly girl and ladies this theme was right up my alley .  I knew immediately that my princess choice would be Pocahontas .   I wanted to celebrate my Native American roots and after losing my sweet Grandmother who was so proud of her Native American heritage I only thought it was would be a way to celebrate her as well.  My Grandmother who's name was Mary Byrd just like mine was an amazing woman. She was 94 when she passed away but she was always young at heart a free spirit kind of like Pocahontas.  I loved and admired her so much and I feel so privileged to be named after her and believe me she is one tough act to follow. 

I decided to give do a modernized Pocahontas so I opted for a long shear type dress that had a Native inspired pattern and added fringe to the look with the help of my favorite fringe jeans and this fabulous bag from Tar-Jay . I topped of this look with the gorgeous necklace that I picked from Walmart for only $5 and I am here to tell you that Walmart has really stepped up there jewelry game since I was last in there!  Oh I will be returning very soon..LOL . Now I could hear my Grandmother now Pocahontas didn't wear her hair all big like that! Well Granny modernized Pocahontas does!

    Dress - Charlotte Russe - Shoes - Jessica Simpson- Bag - Target - Necklace -Walmart


                                                                    FAB 40's          

Sheela from Sheela Writes  is the person responsible for this theme and she just stuns with her interpretation of Belle.  The dress is just perfection and it looks like it was made for her. I love this ultra feminine look that still has a dramatic flair .  Look at how beautifully her hair just blows in the wind.. Amazing! 

Samantha from The Fake Fabulous  is just everything! Girl you are taking Elsa from Frozen to a whole new level so chic and stylish! I am totally obsessed with the shoes and adding those wonderful tights to the ripped jeans is making me want to try new things ! You go girl! 

Diana from Fashion of the 4th Floor  amazes me every month she always surprises me in a good way . I love how she always thinks out the box . Instead of her selecting a traditional princess she decide to go with a TV character that inspired her and she chose Jo from the Facts of Life. You remember the pretty brunette that was a tomboy . I love how she added a little bit of femininity with pleated skirt but kept true to Jo's tomboy style with the camo and the denim jacket. 

Veronica from Cid Style File  I love how we have two different interpretations of Pocahontas oh my Granny would be over the moon . I love the light and airy dress and adding the fringe sandals this looks seems earthy and a perfect look for an Indian princess . She looks absolutely stunning. 

Ann from Kremb De La Kremb is channeling Princess Stephanie of Monaco a real life princess giving us pure sophistication keeping it a little rebellious and fun by adding the gym style shoe. I love to see both sides of the personality merge into one look! 

Jennie from A Pocketful of Polka Dots  I just love this interpretation of the " Little Mermaid" . Jennie is just so creative she finds this skirt at a thrift store last minute and dies it green . She is a true fashion boss. The color combination with her amazing hair is just beyond perfection! Love it


            Shelbee from Shelbee on the Edge is our guest blogger for this month and we are so lucky to have her . She is channeling Princess Merida from Disney movie Brave. I love that she was able to step out of her comfort zone with the corset and giving ode to Merida's country Scotland land with the navy and green plaid.  She looks edgy and fabulous ! 

      It has been another wonderful month of for the Fab 40's and I can't wait to see that next month has in store for us! I know for sure that my Grandmother would have loved this month and with her amazing sense of humor this 94 year old firecracker would have told me that I didn't make a prettier Pocahontas than she would have!  I love you Granny and will never forget you 

                                                XOXO - Mary aka Curlybyrdie