It has been such an emotional weekend for me, my baby girl left for summer program at college.  I can't express the pride I feel for this bright and beautiful young lady but there is part of me that hates to see her leave. I know that she doing the best thing for her future and exactly what I want her to .. Live her dreams!  I think there was a part of me that felt like a part of my life is over but than as I thought about it I realized that not only is my sweet daughter starting a new chapter of her life her mama is to.    

I had such a good time at this photo shoot I think because my sister was taking the photos.  See when  my teenage son take the the pictures he is so annoyed as you can imagine any teenage boy would be and says " How many more Mom?"  it is beyond frustrating. When my sister Erin takes the photos she has so many ideas and it's so refreshing and I can been totally comfortable with her and tell her " Heck no I am not doing that " Lol  .  She is a nature person and you will see that reflected in many of these photos and I love that she takes me out of my comfort zone. I mean even though I am "Curlybyrdie" I don't typically sit in trees.. LOL .

This dress is another simply gorgeous dress  from +Eccentric kristoure  boutique . This dress certainly lives up to it's name "Radiant Rise " maxi dress .  The fabric of this dress is so vibrant and its the type of material that just flows perfectly and doesn't lose it's shape .  I wanted to do a little pattern mixing with these fun tie up floral shoes I picked up from +Kohl's  that make me feel like the ultimate " Fashionista" . 

                              Dress - Eccentric Kristoure, Shoes - Candies - Kohl's
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How about you ladies are any of you feeling the same way I am ? Are you ready to start a new chapter of you life with your kids leaving the nest?   Comment below let me know how you are feeling.

               As always I want to thank you for stopping by it means so much to me ! 

                                             XOXO - Mary aka Curlybyrdie