Being a woman has so many challenges you juggle so many things , have so many decisions that need to be made but for me is deciding what to pack when I go on vacation has be one of the most difficult for me. 

I recently went a much needed mini vacation to Miami. I have really been struggling lately with work , family and life balance  so much so that I could feel anxiety levels go thought the roof.   So a few days away is exactly what the Dr ordered.   

Now only going away for extended weekend I decided that I would get everything I needed in a carry on because this girl is not paying an extra 35 when I don't have #frugalfashionista

                                                      The Culotte Jumpsuit 

As many of you know my obsession with jumpsuits is real and you will really see how much with this post.  I just how easy it is one and done . What more can you ask for ? I mean I have way to many things to think about anything that simplifies my life makes me happy .  I love the peek a boo cut out in the stomach area  it  gives you that vacay vibe and still keeps it classy.  

                                      Jumpsuit (here), Shoes (here), Bag (sim)


                                                Tropical Jumpsuit 

Another amazing jumpsuit this one is giving me tropical and vacation vibes ,the bright and vibrant colors and light fabric that is easily packed takes up little space and looks totally put together !  This amazing jumpsuit from my favorite online boutique Eccentric Kristoure is giving me all kinds of life .

                                                      Jumpsuit (here), Shoes (here)

                                           Floral Perfection Jumpsuit

Ok I admit I have a problem yet another jumpsuit. The funny thing about this one is it wasn't even on the sales floor . One the girls at NY and company knows me all to well. She brings it out from the back saying she thought of me when she saw. it . She was dead on with the one .. now either she is just good or I am in there way to much... I think it could be both.  I love the one shoulder design of this jumpsuit and it hangs to nicely and the material is so nice. 

                                                     Sexy Wrap Dress 

Now I had to put a dress in mix because I am a dress girl at heart .  This dress is had such a beautiful spring like pattern but the added sexiness of the high split makes such a great look for dinner date with your sweetie .  Adding my favorite block heels and this super cute choker that I picked up from Walmart for $2 . Yes I said $2 and in case you been sleeping on Walmart jewelry I am here to tell you a great place for those trendy pieces that add a little something to your look 

                                       Wrap dress (sim), Shoes (here) , Necklace (sim)

Now last but not least let's talk about the swimsuit. I am going to be honest I have not worn a swimsuit in public for at least 20 years.  As many women I struggle with body image my hips mostly I am in 40's and the cellulite is an issue for me . I kept telling myself I will lose 10lbs and than get a swimsuit . I decided I will not live that way anymore that I will love and embrace that skin that I am in right now and let me tell you . I didn't think about my hips or cellulite once in Key Biscayne . I took it in .. I lived my life unapologitically  and guess what it felt damn good!  Maybe it was the Mimosa's or maybe it was me loving and accepting me just where I am at .   

                                                 Swimsuit (here) , Cover up (here)
  Are you like me and have avoided doing something your life because of the way that you felt about yourself ?  Let's learn to embrace what we are insecure  about and start living our best life.  Believe me I am a work in progress but the beautiful thing about life as long as you are breathing you have the chance to think and live differently . 

      Thank you for stopping by it's always my pleasure .  Cheers to  you all my fabulous friends! 

                                                    XOXO - Mary aka Curlybyrdie