Now I know I am usually chirping about my latest and greatest fashion finds but today I am changing it up . If you are a Curly girl than u understand how tough it is finding that perfect mixture . It is hit and miss than you find what think it is the best combo for your curly mane and than your curls stop responding ...Honey those Curl's ain't loyal...ok I just went  This is the routine I am currently using. I start by co washing my hair with Organix Coconut milk conditioner and than than add about a half dollar size back in my hair  and comb through with a wide tooth comb. I than add Kinky Curly Knot today as my leave in I rake this in with my fingers and last but not least I apply Cantu Define and Shine curl custard. After I distribute the product evenly. I part my hair and than start taking little sections of hair snd twisting . If my hair is dry than I will add coconut oil on the ends.  Now I let it air dry for a couple of hours and than sit under thfe hair dryer for about 30 mins. If I am going to bed I will pineapple it and put a bonnet on . When I get up in the morning I will sit under the dryer for 30 mins to speed the drying process up . Because my hair is crazy thick I will keep the twists in for a couple more hours.

Last step is taking the twists down . As I'm unraveling the twist I may add a little bit of coconut oil then I fluff out curls and out the door this girl has buisness.  What products are you curly girls loving  right now ? I hope you ladies and gentlemen have a perfect curl week .