There are some weekends where you just want to stay in the house and get caught up on your rest and get alot done.. Well this was not one of those weekends. It was good weekend to get caught up with old friends and let me hair down a little. We all need that sometimes. It seems like as woman our natural instinct is to be care taker and forget about our own personal needs. So it was great to have a few cocktails and many laughs . I was so fortunate to reconnect with an old friend and catch up. After all lots of laughs and few cocktails is what keeps you young according to my 91 year old Grandmother.
I have 2 looks that I wanted to highlight from the past weekend.  The first is a daytime look that I wore when I went to an open house. Now this dress was a Saturday special from Old Navy. Now when I got the email the previous night and it was like $10 dresses one day only.. Honey that is all they had to say. I decided to wear this with a jean vest to go for more casual look but I can totally see dressing this baby up for a night out on the town. Now 2 looks for $10 how can you beat that?
My 2nd look was for my girls night out. I wanted to go for sexy but tasteful . As I get closer to 42 I can totally see my style evolving and I actually feel better than I did back in 20's believe it or not. I had this dress that I got from Kohl's last year in the back of my closet.  My fashionista in training ( my 16yr old daughter) lol actually picked the shoes to go with this.. and she did well. I opted for this glamorous long gold chain I got from Clothes Mentor Fort Wayne for ony $5.  I felt cool and comfortable in this outfit.  This was a perfect for a night full of dancing and laughing.
What was your weekend like my fab fashionista's ? Would love to know what you were wearing ?
Look #1
Dress - Old Navy  $10 it is now $20 online plus there is 20% coupon
Shoes - Now York and Company $12 in store
Jean Vest - Lauren Conrad Kohl's sim
Bag- Ora Delphine - Adele Satchel
Look #2
Dress- Kohl's Apt 9 dress sim
Shoes - Lauren Conrad Kohl's ( old)
Cluch - Jessica Simpson $6 via Meijer
Glam Necklace - Clothes Mentor Ft Wayne $5

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