I remember growing up I used to ask my Mom . Why did you name me such a boring name like Mary . I wanted something more exotic something unique. My Mom wanted to name me Sabrina but my Dad swore he would call me submarine ... and he really wanted to name me after his mother.  You would have to know how much of Mama's boy he was and still is. My Dad is 67 years old and she still keeps him in line. She only has to utter one word and you will see this big old man sit his butt down like a child. She has 8 children and she is still has that effect on all of them.

I grew up over 600 miles away from my Granny so I didn't' get to spend a lot of time with her but I have awesome memories of this lady . She wasn't like other Grandmothers or at least what I thought they were. She was not one of those I am going to sit in the house and knit a scarf and bake me some cookies. She was a Grandmother who would take you fishing or hunting with a shot gun. She would dance around the house and tease you endlessly about a boy.  I remember her waiting up for us when we would drive down to the country and no matter what the hour was made sure we ate and ate good.   As I grew up I got to know her even more . I found out more about her as a woman.  She has the most beautiful spirit and is so full of life and anyone that meets he just is in awe of her. 

Today is my Grandmother's birthday and she is 92 years young and she is still as spunky as I remember her as a child. She will swear that she is prettier than any movie star or even her own daughters and grand daughters. She one day put one of my dresses on and told me that she looked better than me in it.LOL..I am thinking she is going to take my blog over . Oh Granny you really are a beauty inside and out and I am so glad that my Dad insisted that I be named after such a awesome woman. This lady is definitely one tough act to follow. I am grateful at 41 years old that I still have this special woman in my life.  

Happy Birthday Granny... Wishing you many more!