I remember when the Duro Olowu line came out at Jcpenney's and thought to myself this is cute but I wasn't sure about it.. See this was before my blogger days. That is when different scared me when basic patterns were all my closet consisted of. The beauty of this blog it really has made me think out of the box when it came to fashion and to try new things. My motto is .." Just try it on you may be surprised" and I have been many times .  Now when I saw this dress at my local Clothes Mentor I knew immediately this was from Jcpenney's now either that is one heck of a memory or I have a serious problem..lol. I am thinking more of the second option.   I just love the ethnic pattern of this dress the color combination is lively and beautiful . I decided to pair this with my Steve Madden shoes to give it more a casual vibe and these shoes cover more of my foot so they are perfect for  a transition look for the fall. I lastly added a denim jacket and out the door this lady has business! 
  That is what I love so much about Clothes Mentor if I missed out of something that I loved or didn't know I loved at the time I may get a 2nd chance at finding it just like I did with this dress and many times before and for a fraction of the price . Just like my Mama always says if it's meant to be than it will be there.. and once again it was meant to be.
Ladies don't forget that Clothes Mentor is looking for fall and winter items so why not brings those items that you are no longer wearing for some cash on the spot or to find those 2nd chance items that you missed out on the first time around.
How are you Fashionista's getting out of your comfort zones what new things are you trying? Please dish?  In the words of the fabulous Joan Rivers " Who are you wearing?"
Have a wonderful week

Dress- Jcpenney Duro Olowu via Clothes Mentor $14
Shoes - Steve Madden via Macy's $22
Bracelet- Guess via Macy's $7
Jacket - Arizona Jcpenney via Goodwill $4
Bag - Ora Delphine - gift