When I was in my 20's and someone would tell they are they were in th eir 40's I used to think man they are old.  Now that I am 42 naturally my whole attitude has changed. I can honestly say that I feel better about myself than I ever have.  Believe me there are moments when I notice that I am not as young as used to be.

 I started this blog when I turned 40 as kind of a creative outlet. I had spent my latter 20's and 30's as a single mother of 2 great children. Sometimes you lose yourself when you are trying to be everything for everyone else. It's like my Mother always say it's better to do a couple things good instead of doing to many things half assed.. and believe me there was a lot of half ass going on.... So 2 years ago I decided I am going to something just for me where my voice could be heard. Now believe me it was scary I worried about that people would say " Who does she think she is ?" . .. " What she thinks she's cute or something ?'. When I first started there were friends and even family that didn't understand why I was doing this but that was ok.  This blog is so much more to me than highlighting me in cute clothes that I get at a good deal on. It is truly about me stomping out those insecurities and putting myself out there and inspiring other women like myself to get out of their comfort zone.  I have lived my entire life feeling insecure it has prevented me moving forward in so many areas.. work, relationships and opportunities. It was like a light went on at 40 that said... No more .. it's now or never!

It  is a true testament that you are never to old to follow your passion . I feel that all those years I was caught in a catapiller phase and I was comfortable with that but knowing deep inside there are some wings under there that need to come out.  The only thing that was holding me back from becoming that butterfly was me.

At 42 years old I got a call that would really change me perspective on everything. I have shopped at Jcpenney for years since I was a little girl and probably 75% of my wardrobe is Jcpenney.  I start highlighting these finds on my blog and Instagram and they noticed. When they contacted and asked would I be available to fly to New York city for a photo shoot for there Spring Jcpenney Lookbook.. at first that catapiller Mary came out and thought .. " Do they have the right person ?"  Luckily they saw the Butterfly in me. So this 40 something Mama of 2 packed her bags and off to NYC she went for a weekend full of fashion, fun and meeting some awesome new friends. I can't wait to tell you more about that wonderful weekend.   

This is my official Jcpenney Muse photo . I can't wait to share  more of my Jcpenney in NYC experience. I couldn't possibly fit it into one post so stay tuned my fashionistas'