On the weekend you find me checking my email trying to decide if or where I will go to shop. Now my sister and I always have a plan. .Girls with a plan can sometimes be dangerous but in our case our plans save money.. LOL . When I saw that NY and Company were giving out free gift cards that could be valued at up to $100... honey I had my Mom , Sisters and Niece out there scoring coupons now we most of us only got a $5 giftcard all except my Mom got $10 .. the nerve of her taking my giftcard giftcard. ..lol . Now what can $5 buy well in me and my sisters case were found this faux wrap dress in black and white for $15 and used the giftcard and ended up paying $10 !! I just love this style because it is flattering on all body types. My sister and I are built totally different except for the curls of course and he both really loved this dress . I first thought about added a pop of color but instead opted to keep everything classic black and white. What about you ladies are in love with the wrap style dress?

My Look
Dress- New York and Company here ( I paid $10 after coupon)
Bag - Liz Claiborne via Jcpenney
Shoes - Apt 9 via Kohl's ( old)
Necklace  - Juicy Couture via Kohl's $5