As I was doing my normal routine of walking around the mall; my attention was drawn to an array of colorful skirts in the window. These skirts brought me into the store, but it was the inspiring story that made me fall in love with it. I had the pleasure of sitting down with the owner, Rhonda Patterson, for a conversation about the story behind this beautiful store.   When I sat down with her, I could tell she had a caring heart and that she was also very transparent. She really gave me insight on how much of an issue human trafficking is in other countries as well as the United States. The store stays true to her message. The name of the store is Unslaved  which means freedom of bondage and slavery and it just opened in Glenbrook Mall in Fort Wayne , Indiana .

Many of the pieces are handmade by survivors from various countries such as Africa , Sri Lanka    , Nepal and India.  I love how unique the clothing , jewelry and purses are. Yet, at the same time I also feel like I am supporting a wonderful cause when shopping in this store . Which is a lovely thing.

There is a picture of  the lovely couple who started it all inside the store,  Bruce and Rhonda Patterson who 8 years ago followed their passion of making a difference for those who have experienced human trafficking.  They gave up their homes, vehicles, and money all for the cause; however, she says it was the happiest time of their life. "We had never been at such peace and happiness until it was gone and our focus was on our passion." Sadly Bruce passed away about 5 months ago and wasn't able to see this part of their dream manifest. His presence is still very much apart of the store.

Rhonda`s dream doesn't stop at the store. She also has a clothing line that will be made by survivors. She also plans on starting  a line of active wear that features the individual  person`s story on the inside. "It`s not for everyone to see, It`s personalized for yourself."

Rhonda also plans to start a group for other survivors once a month so they can build a sisterhood that empowers each other. She is not afraid to share her story and help others that have gone through the same thing. 

This beautiful, strong, and compassionate woman uses her voice and her story to help other woman realize that they are not alone. There are people who understand and care.

 She left me with the words  "I`m not a victim, I`m a survivor."  and not only is she a survivor she is an inspiration to so many...myself included .

Please visit this fabulous store at Glenbrook mall or visit their facebook page here


                   So many fabulous items and reasonably priced all for a great cause

I can not express how much I love this beautiful skirt it a wrap skirt that can be worn many different ways including as a dress and it was only $29 . You really should visit this wonderful store you will love it as much as I do!

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                                                       Mary aka Curlybyrdie