Can  you believe there was a time in my life that I only had 1 pair of jeans? I have always been a dress girl I always just felt  they were easier and much more forgiving if you have gained a few pounds so I always just kind of go with what I know.  This past year I have really started quite a collection of trendy jeans and I love them.  I am just obsessing over some of the new trends in denim some so easy you can find a good DIY  that doesn't require sewing and create your own even if aren't particularly good with a sewing machine like your girl Curlybyrdie.. 

            I wanted to talk about my favorite denim trends right now some that I currently own. 

                                                             High Waist Skinny

Let's start this party with basic jean that does everything . The high waist skinny that is perfect with boots , pumps , sandals it is the jean that does it all and a wardrobe staple.  You can take it from dress down day at the office and convert it to a sexy look for a night on the town. This pair from NY and Company happen to my favorite at this moment. 

                                                                   Skinny Jeans (here)

                                                              Extreme Fringe Hem 

When I tell you that I am frugal what I am really trying to say that I am cheap #truestory . Now I had seen the fringe style on the Internet for like $100 .. umm not this frugal fashionista . I did see some at NY York and Company but they kept selling out and after I ordered a pair from Lord and Taylor for $50 the very next day I found  the  pair that I had been stalking  at New York and Company sitting there waiting for me ..I always tell my sisters when things like that happen that Jesus wanted me to have those jeans... LOL 

                                                                      Boyfriend Jeans 

I have a new found love for boyfriend jeans and I never thought I would.  It's a relaxed vibe and surprisingly flattering on my body type. I feel in love with these jeans a little different than others that I own and they were like $17 on clearance... Sweet ! 

                                Jeans Patchwork  (sim)   Boyfriend Jeans (sim)                                                                                                         
                                                                   Boot cut  Jeans 

What I love about a boot cut jeans they just make your legs look amazingly  long and lean so I will always have a pair of these in my rotation. For so many years I limited myself to wearing boots with boot cut but the stylist at Kohl's showed me a new way .. :) 

                                                        Rock and Republic Jeans (here)

                                                               Color block Jeans 

I am so in love with this trend so fresh and young and something I haven't done in years prior. That's what I  love about the 40's you just get more daring in every aspect of your life. 

Patchwork Jean (here)

Patchwork Flares (here)
High Waisted Flares 

I am for sure a 70's baby because I love me some flares I feel like they help balance out this pear shaped body and the high waist works well with my figure at least in my mind and that is really what counts if I feel comfortable in it. 

High Waisted Flares (here)

Cuffed Jeans 

Now I have seen these cuffed jeans in the store and almost fell into the trap that I needed these but than I had this epiphany .. " Hey why don't you roll up the jeans you already have?" and that is what I did pure genius move I know.. LOL . My Dad told me he used to wear his jean like that back in the day .. I guess I am a 50 or  60's girl at heart 

                                                       Angel Skinny Jeans (here)

Do you have favorite style of jeans that you just can't seem to get enough of?  Please share in the comments below I would love to know! 

          As Always I want to thank you for stopping by it's always my pleasure and until next time. 

                                                           XOXO  Mary aka Curlybyrdie