As we get a little closer to the Valentine's Day I wanted to share another look inspired by this day of love but I also wanted to touch on the the importance of  showing love to your ourselves because so many times we are last on our own list .  I have found that when you take time out to love on yourself you are much better equipped to give love and attention to the other people in our life .

Let's start with this look . I simply adore this skirt well first of all  because it has bold stripes and that is like my serious jam but it was that open flirty front with a shorter part in the center that sold me on this fabulous skirt.  I mean how much cuter can you get ? The front certainly takes the skirt to an entirely different level. As I have said many times before it's all about the details .  I added the black ruffle top and my studded red bow belt and than you have flirty , sassy and stylish Valentine's look. 

                       Black and White with a pop of  color and red is perfect of  Valentine's Day    
                                     Skirt - Ny and Company (here), Top - Jcpenney (here)

                   Bag - Target (here), Belt -Ny &Company (here), Ny &Company (here)

                                                            Shoes - Shoedazzle (here)              

During this time where there is such focus on the word love  .. Take time out to LOVE  on yourself by speaking positive words when you look at  yourself  or take out time for you do things that bring joy to your own heart .  It may be something as simple as taking an hour out of your day to read a few chapters of your favorite book or maybe it's treating yourself to a massage once a month. Whatever makes you feel happy and content do more of that!  If you want love you have to first learn how to treat yourself . 

    Thank you so much for stopping by I am so honored that you took time out of your day to come visit .  Wishing you a love and happiness during this season and the entire year .

                                                          XOXO - Mary aka Curlybyrdie