We as women wear many hats in our life .  So often we are taking care of everyone else we forget that women inside of us that we forgot to be.  I know for years that was my life trying to balance so many things as single mother of two wonderful children  I seldom took the time to even try and realize what my passion or my purpose was.   It was when I turned forty that decided that I needed MORE in my life and that's when this blog started. 

A few years ago I had the pleasure of meeting Michelle Washington the creator of  Women of More Magazine at a Women's retreat and I was awe of her powerful spirit and it the first time I was introduced the concept of I am MORE than what I am doing right now in my life.   A simple sentence but what a powerful meaning that forces you to dig deep to try and find that MORE . We all have it but sometimes we get so caught up in life that we don't take the time to find it. 

Michelle  Washington had dream of starting a Magazine and that is exactly what she did. She started  "Women of More " magazine that empowers women and highlighting women in the community who are making strides in their life and well as making an impact on other women.  I was deeply flattered when I as asked to be a contributor to this magazine with some pretty amazing women that talk about issues that really impact our life as women.  I talk about Fashion of course because  my passion is helping women find their beautiful showing them that no matter their age, body type or the size of their bank account that they should always feel fabulous when they walk out the door.  

This months edition my article "Fashionably Fit " (here) is all about me getting back on my fitness journey tips and tricks but also looking fashionable while doing it without breaking the bank. 


                             Trainer Sabrina Miles from TruFit found her more in Fitness 

What about you my friends are you at a stage in your life that you are searching for your MORE ?  You should take a look this amazing magazine and be inspired in every area of your life. 

            You can subscribe here Women of More  I promise you will not be disappointed. 

I want to thank you always for stopping by it's always my pleasure. I encourage you to find your                                                                               MORE.  

                                                              XOXO Mary aka Curlybyrdie