The older I get the more I realize that life is not just black and white that sometimes you just need that little pop of pink to spice up your life just way it does for a monochromatic look in fashion. Life is meant to have some added color. 

I simply adored this Gabriel Union skirt from +Nyc Retailer the moment I saw it and I knew that it was one that would sell fast and boy was I right it was sold out online but my fashion fairy Godmother  was on my side because I was able to find one at my local store and when I say one there was literally one sitting on the rack .  The quality of this skirt is amazing I just love the structure of the waist line it gives you that classic chic vibe. 

                      The line of this amazing skirt make you feel so ladylike I am still swooning!

                     Every girl needs a least on pair of pink pumps they just give a little pep in  your step !

      There is nothing like finding a skirt that has amazing twirl and ladies I give this one a 10!

The details of this bag are just gorgeous . I love the beading and pops of color I feel this purse tgave some pattern mixing to this look and I am all about that life.  I can hardly believe that I got this bag for under $20 now that's a steal!

  Unfortunately as I mentioned before this skirt is sold out online so please check below for simuliar options. If  you head to your local ] store maybe your Fashion Fairy Godmother will see that there is one on the rack for you :) 

                                                            Photo Cred  KB Photo
                              As always I want to thank you for stopping by it means so much!

                                             You can click the photos below to shop the look :) 

                                                          XOXO Mary aka Curlybyrdie