There is just something so elegant about a maxi skirt. I just love the endless styling possibilities you can give it a more relaxed vibe by adding a tank top but I decided to give it more dressed up feel with this rich blue ruffle top that I scored for $10 from +Jcpenney. I also wanted to add a pop of color with this amazing Eva Mendes satin bow belt from  +Nyc Retailer that takes it to another level of fabulous it's all about those small details. 

 I am so obsessed with this beautiful skirt from my favorite boutique +Eccentric kristoure not only is it pretty to look at but the quality is amazing. This skirt would be appropriate at any event and twirl factor is everything! See skirt (here)

                                           Love the pop of yellow with this vibrant blue!

         I totally feel like Cinderella in this skirt one that will stay in the wardrobe for a long time!

         Don't you love a skirt with some serious twirl as much as I do? If so this skirt is one for you.

      Thank you all for stopping by it's always my pleasure? Wishing you a very Happy Sunday! 

                                                   XOXO - Mary aka Curlybyrdie