I can honestly say that I never in a million years would think that I would get so many wonderful experiences that I have since I started this fashion blog.  The great collaborations that I have been part of have been amazing and believe me I am so thankful to God and everyone who have been my supporters in every way. Back in May, I entered the New York and Company Eva Spring Style Contest. It was a contest where people entered photos wearing clothing from the Eva Mendes line from New York and Company and they selected their favorites.  .It was then the publics job to vote for the winner of the Grand Prize which was an all expense trip to meet the beautiful Eva Mendes and as if that wasn't enough a shopping spree!  A shopping spree to my favorite store I mean I go way back with New York and Company back like when it was Lerner.  Well, I am proud to say that this little Byrdie from Fort Wayne, Indiana was the grand prize winner. 

What makes this even more amazing I was able to select one guest and I thought there is no one more deserving than my Mom. She always sacrifices for everyone else that I wanted to share this amazing once in a lifetime experience with her and she loves the Eva line as much as I do. 

I snapped this photo on the car ride to the hotel in downtown LA and I remember looking over at her watching her take in all the scenery. My mom has never been to California and feeling so happy that I was able to share that experience made it even better. 

                                                       My Mama getting her pose on! 

It was such a blast hanging out in downtown LA and Eva and New York and Company made sure that we had the time of our lives and were totally comfortable!  

After taking in the city sites it was now time for there girls to get glammed up to meet Eva we had hair and makeup right in our hotel room now that is what I call celebrity treatment. The amazing thing is the gentleman that did our hair had just done 5th Harmony's hair the night before for the VMA's and I was so amazed that he could get those curls tamed and had me feeling all glam! 

We were all ready to head over and meet Eva and so very excited.  I didn't know what to expect have never really met a celebrity before and I am such a fan of her clothing line and of her movies.

My Mom and I  met Eva on the set of her photo shoot for her New York and Company line and let me tell you she is even more beautiful in person and most importantly she was so kind and made us feel totally at ease. She asked me about my daughter in college and was so sweet to my mom. We were even able to go behind the scenes and see things that are coming up and I can hardly wait! Not only was Eva so sweet everyone made us feel important and like a celebrity ourselves and it was amazing! 

I even got the chance to shop with Eva's design consultant Alejandro who was amazing pushed me a little out of my comfort zone and that is definitely a great thing and even got my mama out of hers! 

Yass! bags and bags now how do we get this stuff home? LOL 

After an amazing day, we finished the night off with dinner and drinks on the rooftop an amazing view and great way to end the night and this experience. 

I am so grateful to Eva Mendes, New York and Company and all of you that voted for me it was a dream come true. I so grateful that I got to hang out in Cali with my most loyal supporter my Mom it will be an experience that we will never forget! 

The winning photo

Thank you for stopping by it means so much to me . Stayed tuned for some of my favorite Eva Fashions coming soon to the blog !