I just love the classic and chic vibes that the Eva Mendes line gives me and after winning a shopping spree I was able to indulge in some of my favorite pieces over the past few weeks and simply can't wait to see what the holidays have in store for us.  I was lucky enough to get a little preview and ladies I will be all up in New York and Company checking for that. 

As I have said at least a 1000 times is one of my favorite trends for fall is velvet and when I laid my eyes on this velvet military jacket from the Eva line I was totally in. The gold accents give me chic Michael Jackson vibes and a classic that I can wear for many years to come. I just adore items that I can bring back next year and it still looks fresh and totally on trend.

I decided to add the velvet pleated midi skirt to the mix and gives it a classic and feminine look. I  am sure that this skirt will be making a frequent appearance in my fall and winter looks. Perfect for holiday parties, work, and dinner dates. 

The gold details on this amazing jacket had me like " add to cart" The fit is amazing and it is a quality piece that I will be wearing in heavy rotation in the cooler months. I will be styling this with jeans also. It is certainly the focal point for your outfit. 

I thought my lace-up Leander Booties would be the perfect addition to this outfit not only are these booties soooo cuuuute they are comfy which is a must on these 40 something feet. 

This is my favorite season I just love watching the leaves turn colors. Such a beatiful time to live in Indiana. Pumpkin spice and everything nice :) 

I added a pop of color with my Eva bodysuit. I just love the way that bodysuits keep everything together you don't have to worry about your shirt not laying right it just keeps the look sleek. Just don't wait until the last minute to go to the bathroom. LOL

Are you fashionista's loving the velvet trend as much as I do? Are you obsessed with the military jacket trend also? Would love to hear what your favorite fall trends are this year. 

                                                   You can shop my look below!

                                           Photo Cred : Kimberly Bailey KB Photo

As always I would like to thank you for stopping by. All your support and kind words mean everything to me. Sharing my fashionable finds is what I love to do and get so inspired by other women sharing what they are passionate about. So keep sharing!  Have a wonderful weekend :)

                                                 XOXO Mary aka Curlybyrdie