What a great weekend! I got to enjoy some time at our food truck festival which turned out to be pretty awesome.. some great food and music and quality time with family. Of course I took advantage of being downtown as an opportunity for an impromptu photo shoot.. and who is the lucky person that takes all these pictures? That would be my 15yr old daughter..aka author , artist and now a photographer. This blog thing has really brought us closer together and for that I am very thankful! I will give a peak of the face behind the camera... with her own unique style as well.

My look below is simple but I loved this dress .. What appears to be just a little black dress has a cut out back that makes it unique. I love the fact it's cut out is perfect to wear a strapless bra.. cuz there is no way this 40 yr old mama can go braless! Those days are long gone..LOL.  The dress was another steel at Jcpenny for bargin price of $7. The shoes were from the great Tarjay( Target) for $9 the bangle bracelet is JLO from Kohls and that was $7 . All items on clearance and perfect for a festival with the family.

This is my daughter Jada aka my photographer and Artistic director :)

My daughters dress is from H&M and it has little skulls on it ( I guess that's the style) this was $5 she paired this with her Chuck Taylors.