I love being colorful during the warmer months but I also have a love for muted neutrals.  They are so versatile you can brighten them up or keep them soft. We opted to keep it softer with this look.  The funny thing is we didn't plan to coordinate these looks but it ended up working very nice together.

I decided to go with this jumpsuit and there is a story behind this.. isn't there always with me? I actually found this jumpsuit on the clearance rack last year at Windsor . This was $7 .. yea I said $7 and there it hung in the back of my closet. I am not sure if you have ever been in Windsor . I actually walked by there for years never going in . I thought they just carried prom dresses but they have some really cute pieces and honey when they are having a clearance sale they are having a sale! I have scored super cute accessories for $2.50 on more than one occasion. Some of the pieces are a little to young for me ( just ask my 16 yr old) but there are some really cute age appropriate items in there.. Amy chose a simple dress that she made look effortless. I often say the fit of dress is everything and the fit of this make it flawless. I love the way that she accessorized this it really added just the right ommph... ( yeah that's not a word)  but you know what I mean!

These photos were done by KB Photo and we couldn't be more pleased. If you live in the Fort Wayne area you should really give her a try you will not be disappointed..

How are you lovely ladies wearing your neutrals this Spring and Summer?