I love Sundays it's the calm before the storm called Monday. I am loving this long awaited sun that we are getting in Indiana today . I feel like we have been a long hibernation. Feeling the Sun on my face was exactly what I needed before heading back to work tomorrow.   I decided to highlight a darling skirts I got from Clothes Mentor in Fort Wayne a few weeks ago. I love this skirt and love even more I got it at a great deal. This is from White House Black Market and if I had bought this new it easily would have been at least $60 but instead I only paid $18 thanks to Clothes Mentor. I added a pop of hot pink and some pattern mixing to make it a little more exciting. 
Also ladies don't forget if you show any of my blog posts featuring items from Clothes Mentor you can get double punches any day of the week not just Sunday. If you ladies have some clothing items that are collecting dust in your closet bring them in for some extra cash.  Fashion at a discount and giving you money for clothes  you aren't  using...what more can you ask for:)
Skirt-Clothes Mentor $18
Top-Kohl's (old)
Shoes- Kohl's $20
Jacket -H&M $7.50
Bracelet-Kohl's $3.50
Purse -Goodwill $2
Necklace -Body Central $3