Sometimes when dealing with these rigid temperatures it's hard to stay fashionable and even more difficult trying to get this big hair in a hat...the struggle is real ! Lol. My look today was me attempting to keep warm,  look cute while keeping it low in cost! My look today was a dress that I got from H&M for $7...(love that place) I like  the fit of the dress and pattern I addded my lace up boots and other accessories for a nice cozy look. Please note I have boot socks and tights because this Indiana cold is no joke!

I also want to talk about some of my recent fabulous finds. As many of you fashionista's are aware I have slight obsession with dresses. So can you imagine how excited I was when I found some lovely dresses for $7 from Jcpenny .  I had to call my sister aka mini me in on the action .

Now this weekend our shopping adventure took us to Kohls where clearance was additional 25% off plus additional coupon so the deals were unreal .. How was your weekend? Are you ready for Monday ?

Dress - H&M  $7
Coat -H&M $12
Boots -Jcpenny $17
Hat - Old Navy (old)
Scarf - Kohls (old)
Necklace - Windsor $2.50
Leather Gloves -H&M $5