This week has been ... .. loooooong! LOL. Even though I have to work on Saturday I am thankful it's Friday. One positive thing about Saturday's there is no answering the phone  which is a perfect time to catch up and focus.. I always feel in life I am going a 1000 miles an hour...leave work , get kids, dinner, bath and if I am lucky I get a workout in.. and than I get to get up and do it all over again. I remember a lady I used to work with  told me .."Enjoy it now it will go so fast" . Well back than my kids were 1 and 4 now they are 13 and 16 and she was right. I try to remind myself of that.. during the chaotic days.

My look today is casual with a little color.. I am in desperate need of color with the dreary weather in Indiana. I love stripes and I love Orange.. so this cream and orange striped dress was a no brainer!  I added my faux cream leather jacket from Kohl's and my Cream lace scarf from Clothes Mentor Fort Wayne. This scarf is the perfect accessory and I can see me definitely using many times during this
upcoming Spring and Summer.

Ladies don't forget you can show any of my blog posts featuring any of the items from Clothes Mentor Ft Wayne and you can get double punches on any day of the week. If you are not familiar with Clothes Mentor you can get a key chain and for every $10 you spend you get a punch out. After the keychain is full you get a free $10 in store.

Dress - Old Navy $15 dress sale
Jacket - Kohl's $25 with coupon
Scarf - Clothes Mentor Fort Wayne $11
Boots- Carson's  $30
Bag - Jcpenny  $28
Watch - Charlotte Russe $5
Bracelet -Gift