Just a few weeks ago I had the pleasure of being featured along with four other lovely ladies in the amazing  "Everyday Runway " Styles for Every Body campaign for +Kohl's .  I love the fact that they picked four everyday women with different body types and style to model the latest trends in fashion because women just like us want to know how those trends will look on them.  


 It was such a day full of such excitement just imagine getting super model treatment for two days . We worked with a professional stylist , hair and makeup and just a great team of people . I seriously felt like J-Lo and it was amazing. 

The first fall trend that Kohl's will highlight for this campaign is the New Sweater .  When I think of fall the first thing I start thinking about is sweaters and I love that this was selected in a blush tone something that is neutral and can be styled various ways and you fashionista's know I am all about that life.  

My first look could easily be taken to the office and out to a night on the town which I love .  The Jennifer Lopez cropped sweater paired perfectly with he edgy zipper faux leather skirt and add those fabulous Apt 9 booties  and this says J-Lo all the way honey!    

                                                The New Sweater x's 5

It's amazing that three of us had on the exact same sweater and it can look totally different . You have Berty who has it styled with a feminine midi skirt and Marisa who is rocking it with the shorts and  fun on trend OTK boots .  I love how Laura tries something new with the crop pants and likes it and Stacie kept it cute and casual with skinny jeans.  


                                                        Style for Every Body

             Check out the video that takes you behind the scenes of this amazing experience . 



This is just the first of the fall trends that Kohl's brings to life . I can't wait for you to see the rest and I hope you love them as much as we do.  Thank you so much for stopping by and stay tuned :) 

                                                       XOXO - Mary aka Curlybyrdie