One thing I love to do it plan out what I am going to wear to work .  I mean getting up at the crack of dawn have to have some benefits  and a stylish work look can make it a little bit easier. I work in an office so business casual is what is expected and I like that . Remember the days when you had to wear panty hose to work ?  Everything was just so formal and I like to look nice but I still like to have a little fun with my fashion. 

I asked my social media friends which was their favorite look of the week and the majority vote went to olive green and yellow number.  I was secretly hoping they would select this outfit because it really was my favorite because it was a color combo that I would have never thought to put together back in the day . You know the days before pinterest , instagram and my fashion blog . I can honestly say that I have become bolder with my choices in fashion . I am taking chances and thinking out of the box and at 43 almost 44 it feels pretty darn good. I wear what I like it's as simple as that : ) 

When I first laid my eyes on this this vest at +Forever 21  I knew I had to have it . Yes I said Forever 21 and yes I in my 40's and love me some Forever 21 . I can get the latest trends without investing alot of money.  Just in  case you can't tell I have a slight obsession for vests. I mean they are that perfect layering piece for the fall. I love to wear with midi dresses , jeans , skirts . They are the perfect completer piece to a look they can take an ordinary look to extraordinary very easily.  

I styled this with an olive green midi dress that I got off the +Target off the clearance rack . The mock neck midi happens to be one of my favorite pieces . It is the perfect foundation for different looks and when you get it for $14 that makes it even better .  So I have styled it with the vest but some additional looks to show you how I expand my closet .  Shall we get started ? 

                            Dress - (sim) (plus), Vest (sim) (plus sim), Shoes (sim),Bag (here) 

                                                 Night out on the town 

This olive green dress is figure flattering and makes for a sexy look when you step out of the town. I love adding animal print to the mix adding even more sexiness and finishing the look with a olive green bomber that I picked up for +Nyc Retailer  for $29 on one of there weekend deals . 


                        This is the photo that my sister told me to look mean for a high fashion look now I                                      know I captured the mean look not sure about the high fashion ..LOL 

                                                      Jacket (here)(plus sim), Shoes (sim)

I have to give my sister Erin special thanks for taking my photos love her creative mind and love the fact I can act like a fool with her and have a little fun and she gets me out of my comfort zone. We even had some help from my niece Maddie ! Check her out with our new friend 

So what do you think are you sold on the whole olive and mustard combo as much as I am?  What pieces do you see yourself wearing over and over again this fall ? 

       As always I want to thank you for stopping by it's always a pleasure . Have a wonderful week !

                                                         XOXO - Mary aka Curlybyrdie