I am finding out that I am really digging the whole boho trend. I believe it is where I am in my life right now . I want something that is  easy breezy but still feel like the fashionista in the know. 

I am obsessed with the deeper hues for the fall weather that is just around the corner. What I  love about this dress it possesses the fall feel with the darker greens and browns but is still sleeveless which is perfect for the month of September. This dress says.. " Ok Fall I see you but you are not quite here yet"  When the temps get cooler I can totally see me throwing on a jean jacket or a long duster would look great without compromising the style of the dress! 

I wanted to show the versatility of this gorgeous dress because ladies we all need options. 

  By adding a hat or a different bag or even a hairstyle you can change the look easily . 


                             Dress -Jcpenney (here), Shoes -Target (sim), Fringe Bag -Target (here)

              By adding a different belt and hairstyle it changed the look of the dress . It's the little                                                      things that create a entirely different vibe. 

            Are you ladies loving the boho trend as much as I am?  How are you wearing your boho ? 

                   As  always I wanted to thank you for taking time out of your day to stop by ! 

                                                               See you soon!
                                                        Mary aka Curlybyrdie