I can't believe October is  finally here it my favorite month partly because it is my birthday month(all those birthday coupons)  and of course Pumpkin spice season is in full effect so two things I can get excited about.  October is that month when you have wrapped up the school shopping and that little break before the holiday season gets in effect the calm before the storm.. LOL 

As I sit here I am thinking about how I will spend this October preparing myself for my 44th birthday  . My sweet mama used to tell me that it will come so fast and man she was not lying I feel like I was 25 yesterday.. what the what?  I think the hardest part about getting older is seeing you reach another phase of your life.  This year by far as been the most difficult watching my daughter start the next chapter of her life , college.  I am very proud but I miss her and I miss that phase of my life more than I ever thought I would.  I can remember those years complaining because I was a single mother of two kinds and sometimes I would feel overwhelmed , tired and just stressed out but what I wouldn't give for those days again.  

This blog has been my best friend over this transition it has given me a voice at a time that I didn't think I had one. I know now that is far from the truth I have something to say... we all do . Sometimes we as women get caught up in being everything to everyone else that we forget we have a story to tell  and there are people out there that are interested. 
This blog has connected me with so many people and gave me experiences that I never even knew would be in my future.   I understand that God creates opportunities that far surpass anything that would have ever thought was possible in my life  and for that I am so grateful. 

October for me will be a month to show gratitude for all the blessings in my life, to love deeper and pray harder.   I will also continue telling my story because there no better person to tell it than yours truly 

Now this would not be a post without a little fashion.  As many of you know that I am currently obsessed with two trends and that would be olive green and the off the shoulder look and when you find a dress that has both trends together that makes this girl very very happy.  This dress is from my favorite boutique Eccentric Kristoure and this boutique is perfect for those fashionista's that want a grown and sexy vibe.  I  am a 40 something mama so I want to keep it sexy but still classy . The dress selection is just amazing I promise you will not be disappointed and you can get more savings using the CHIRPS for 10% off .  I added my favorite Merona Target pumps that I have in like every single color they are so comfy and I am at point where comfort is everything and for the finishing touch I added a black ribbon I had around the house and tied it around my neck to create a choker effect.  This look perfect for a night out on the town and complete look under $100 ...

                                                Dress (here), Shoes (here), Clutch (sim)

I want thank you so much for stopping by it means so much to me .  I also want you to remember that no matter what phase you are in your life it is never to late to follow your dreams. Who would have thought this 40 something mama of two would be working with major brands for campaigns so don't ever let someone tell you that you are too old, too fat , too skinny , you hair is too  big.. there is no one quite like you. Be the person that God has created you to be! 

                                                   XOXO -Mary aka Curlybyrdie