If there is one thing that I have learned in my 44 years is that it's okay to live your life out loud and you don't have to apologize for it .  It's a lesson I wished I discovered  many years ago but you know what better now than never.

When I first saw this top I thought well is this a little to much with the feathers?  Than I thought Curlybyrdie in feathers ..why not? Sometimes you have to just be bold and go for it and this top is definitely attention getter and it's fabulous .  I decided to pair this top with my J-LO high waisted culottes because who does fabulous better than J-LO ?  I am thinking not to many people and add the animal print accessories for a little something extra because this girl loves her some extra ..

                                     Top -(here) , Pants (here), Shoes (sim), Clutch (sim)

What do you think of this fabulous top ? Do  you love it as much as I do it would be a perfect top for the upcoming holiday season another gorgeous piece from Eccentric Kristoure.  You can use code CHIRPS for additional 10% off of your purchase..

                         Thank as always for stopping by it's always my pleasure and I wanted to leave you with this quote  that I find true from personal expericance weather it be in fashion or any aspect of your life.

                                  Freedom lies in being bold. – Robert Frost

                                     Be Confident , Be Bold but most importantly Be YOU

                                                          Photo Cred - Erin Byrd