Every season it seem like there are particular colors that I just can't seem to get enough of .. I guess you could say that I get just a little obsessed with. Some may say that I have a borderline addictive personality but ladies I am loving all these shades of burgundy that I am seeing out here in these streets! 

When I first laid eyes on this faux leather with fur burgundy skirt I almost had a fit.. I mean all my favorite things rolled up into one ! All I can say is +Eccentric kristoure  you sure know how to make this girl swoon.  The skirt is so on trend that I wanted to give the top a more classic vibe balance it out a little ,.. you know kind of like the whole sweet n salty thing.  Does that make sense? In my mind it makes perfect sense.. LOL 


                                                     Classic Lady                  

                                   Skirt  (here), Blouse  (here), Pumps  (here), Bag (sim)


                                              All Burgundy Everything 


With such an awesome skirt I had to style it more than one way because that would be such a waste on something so fabulous !

I decided to take it a step further and fill you fashionista's in on the other  items in the burgundy family that  I found simply irresistible. Let me know if you agree. 


             Booties New York and Company , Dress - Kohl's,  Hat The Limited, Sneakers Kohl's
            Caged Boots-Just Fab, Duster New York and Company, Bag - Kohl's

So did any of these catch your eye? Which one did you like the best? I am totally in love with the Adidas gym shoes.. so different and the reviews say very comfortable so I am thinking  I will be adding those my cart very very soon :)  

                        As always I want to thank you for stopping by it's always a pleasure 

                                                               Photo Cred - Erin Byrd 

                                                           XOXO - Mary aka Curlybyrdie