There is nothing like a classic white blouse it is a must have for any wardrobe but take it a notch further add those feminine details that create a more romantic approach .  I was surprised how much I loved this look I saw the blouse and immediately just thought boho and Kohl's senior stylist Maggie showed us the many possibilities and yes I was impressed. 

                                         Feminine Blouse - School Girl Chic

                                   Blouse (here), Skirt (here), Boots (here), Bag (sim)

Ok I thought my days of wearing a shorter skirt were behind me but Maggie convinced me otherwise adding the boot with the knee sock so didn't feel like I was showing to much leg . The A-line skirt flattered this pear-shaped body and this look made me feel young and vibrant and anything that makes this girl feel young it is something that will be in my regular rotation. 

                                                    Style for Everybody 

I loved each and everyone of these looks and what I love the most is they  flattered Every Body type . We all want to feel stylish and able to wear the lastest trends and this campaign does just that.

It is a beautiful thing to see ladies standing in front of the mirror and see that look on there face and they are totally thinking.... " Yeah I look good!"    We all need those days 

You can check out some behind the scenes footage of this amazing experience with Kohl's and these beautiful ladies that are now my friends. 

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As always I want to thank you for stopping by and stay tuned because I have one more trend to bring you and I absolutely love it. 

                                    XOXO - Mary aka Curlybyrdie