The last layer is that final piece that you put on to finish off your look.  It is such an key  piece to your look and the last thing that people see. So let's make the last piece one to remember! 

 I am so excited to show this look because it was actually one of my favorites from the " Everyday Runway " campaign with Kohl's .  I am also sad because this is the final post from this amazing experience that I had with Kohl's and these fabulous ladies that I now consider friends.  

                                                    Style for EVERY body 

I love how each one of these looks are totally different and illustrate how there a option for this trend for each and every women and that is  what this campaign is all about.  We all want to feel fashionable and fabulous when we walk out the door and Kohl's mad each one of us feel just that. 

                                                         Totally In-Vested 

                                             Dress (here), Vest (here), Shoes (here)

The vest has been on of my favorite trends for the fall and this vest right here is just perfect and it is something that can be styled in so many ways with skinny jeans, a pencil skirt or a sweater dress. It is the ideal statement piece for the fall . It was total love at first site when I saw color block perfection and I thought it look so chic with this fabulous Jennifer Lopez dress. What I love about this look it is conservative meets sexy and it works and reflects my style and personality which I love because that is exactly what fashion is supposed to do . 

I can't begin to explain how much this experience has meant to me. The "Style for EVERY body "  campaign is everything that I believe in my life. I don't have a model body I am just an everyday women that wants to wear current trends and feel good about myself.  Kohl's did a perfect job of making each and everyone of us feel like celebrity and I will forever be grateful . 

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