Somebody is overjoyed it's Friday! That would be Ms Curly Byrdie! It has been a long week to say the least. I have posted my casual Friday look and I am not wearing a dress can you believe it?  My jeans are by Lauren Conrad from Kohls and I got these babies for $8 , I love the little rip in the jeans makes me feel hip .. Lol Whenever my teenage daughter says " Who do you think you are Mom" I know I am on the right track to being in the style know! The shirt is Elle from you guessed it my favorite Kohls. This one was $8 and the shoes are Kohls Apt 9 which I have blogged about previously these were $20.

Also for all you Naturally Curly gals. I changed up my hair products today. I used Tresemme Flawless curls for my co wash and left a little in. Then I used Mixed Chicks leave in with Cantu Curling cream and sprayed some Argan Oil to seal. My hair is soft and fluffy today!  Hope you all have Fabulous Friday! I will starting at 5:)