I love Fridays.. and not just because its the last work day but Friday is beginning of  all the great deals for shopping . With all the late and early bird specials plus coupons its a win win! It is a shoppers true day in heaven. I start stalking the ads Thursday to see  how I will plan my Kill on Friday.  Now it's back to school time and the deal are awesome right about now.. and I am all over that!  If there is one thing Curly Byrdie can do is find the deals. Everyone in my family knows this. I do all the Christmas shopping for most people in my family.. Big George ( my Daddy) gives me $500 at Christmas and wants it to look  like he's spent $1000 on all 10 of his grandkids.. and you know what I get pretty close.. lol by the time Christmas is over I feel like I been working in retail! Every year I swear I won't do it again.. and there I am all over again... It's my hobby  and what can I say  I'm good at it.  Well I wanted to share my strategy for today's Back to School shopping this weekend. I am a single mom and I am cheap.. or should I say frugal that sounds way better.  Now when I say cheap .. I mean frugal..lol ,I don't mean picking up just anything just because it's $2... I don't do that.. it's a waste if I don't like it. Even if I am shopping for someone else I don't just pick up stuff just say " I got this only because it's $2" . It takes time and patience .. so lets get to it!

Friday and Saturday Kill!
Macys have Doorbusters from 9-1 where you get a extra 20% off on top of Sale and clearance. Also if you use BRANDS coupon code you save online. One steel I found on link to a dress I had blogged about recently on Summer Dress Sunday .  This Urban Hearts Dress is $11.99 and than you can use coupon code.
Kohls have Late Bird specials Friday Starting at 3pm and beginning Saturday at 7am -1pm. Also if you have a Kohls card you can use the additional 15 to 30% off . If not than here is a link for 15% off coupon.  Online code for 30% off when you have a Kohls card is Notebook30
Jcpenny have Night Busters starting after 3 and from 9am to 1pm on Saturday.  One of good deals going on there is additional 50% off all clearance Sandals all Worthington is additional 40% off.  Now I search online for a coupon and wasn't able to locate a printable coupon but low in behold in their ad there is a $10 off 25 purchase. Online code to get 20% up to 200 or 25%  over 200 is 4SAVE.

I hope you ladies are able to find some awesome deals today! If so comment and put me in the know. I will definitely post some of finds next week! Happy Shopping!