Between football games , housework and my other motherly duties I was able to get a workout in with one of my girlfriends and both of our daughters and of course our 15yr olds walked way behind us so we couldn't hear their conversation... like we wanted to anyway.. lol. I  wore my Nike Kiss my Sass t-shirt... which I need to make sure I'm at the right angle when talking to people I wouldn't want anyone to miss the S on the shirt.. LOL.. or maybe for some people I wouldn't mind them missing I got this shirt last year and the minute I saw it at the Ladies Footlocker I knew I had to have it.. yes u guessed it I'm a smart mouth sometimes!  Now the Nike shoes are one the finds I blogged about in my Great day for Shopping blog. .. I wanted these shoes when they first came in at Jcpennys but there was no way my cheap self... I'm mean frugal self was paying $70 for them. I am single mom and I have to be realistic.. no $70 gym shoes for me. So when I went to 50% clearance shoe sale last weekend and saw them on the clearance rack and I had a coupon! Heck yeah they were meant to be mine. I was so excited  I had to share this find with my sisters and within hours they both had my same shoes as well as my niece... They say that imitation is the highest form of flattery but I am thinking more like "Stalkers" . I guess when I told them I got these cute Nike gym shoes for $19 they couldn't pass this up.. my `15 yr old was not impressed and there is no way she would be caught dead wearing shoes like her mothers.. her loss :)  I hope everyone is having a magnificent Monday!  So far so good here :)

Shoes - Jcp Nike Shoes- Wow these are $65 online!
Shirt - Ladies Footlocker - Old