Yesterday I had to check myself!  I asked or should I say begged my 15 year old daughter to walk around the track with me to get some exercise in while my son was at football practice. She finally agreed and was on her phone texting the entire 2 laps she completed. Finally after being annoyed I told her she was free to leave.  Bottom line is why did I feel that is was necessary to have her there to get my workout in? After she left and I put my headphones on I finally got in my zone. Realizing that I only need to rely on myself to make this happen. Yes there were people staring.. not sure if they wanted me sit down somewhere or if they were thinking I should get my butt up and join her.. whatever it was I didn't care.  When I lost 45lbs with weight watchers it was because I took that journey . I held myself accountable I answered to that scale every Saturday for all my transgressions during that week and than I headed to the gym or to Kohls and than to the gym lol .  My Weight Watchers is in the same strip mall as Kohls... I know lucky me! . What I am trying to say is I am responsible for my own health and fitness. Don't get me wrong I love the company of my daughter ( when she isn't on her phone) and my sisters but in reality I get the best workouts when I am solo... My gym closed back in May and I have mostly been taking my workouts outside while it's nice but on the days when it's crappy there are enough  You tube videos that will prevent me from making any excuses. I also have devised this little system at work.. every time I go to the bathroom I get in 2 sets of squats, lunges , leg lifts or whatever I feel like doing. I know they wonder why does this woman take so long in the restroom?  Where there is a will there is a way! My daughter may join me tonight at the track but if she doesn't than I'm good!  I hope you ladies have a wonderful day!